Europe Travel Stories; Barcelona, the combination of Heritage and Urban Culture.

It was a time when I walk down from an overnight journey from Lyon to Barcelona. I arrive there in Barcelona Nord in the early morning when the skies is going to change its color, from the ash dark to the calm and light bright. I walk up heading to my hotel just one KM’s […]

Travel Guide; On My Seoul Stories! (Part Two)

——————–15 Minutes on a Chill-Reading.——————– Before starting on Seoul Stories Part Two, better Read my day One and Two Seoul Stories First, Here! I can’t lie, four days in Seoul is not enough.. Too many places I need to see, I need to visit, I need to feel. Heading to the Bus that will transport […]

Europe Travel Stories; Paris and my attempt to be Parisienne.

Well, i’ve been considerably thinking, that i will use all of my blogpost in english. Even for the Travel post and review that i always used in Bahasa Indonesia. So, if you happen to be someone who doesn’t speak english, please refer to the corner right on your search tab, you will most likely found […]

Travel Guide; On My Seoul Stories! (Part One)

——————–20 Minutes on a Chill-Reading.——————– It was all started from the each liner to say I need to go some where, she need to go some where, and definitely we should go somewhere. Shasmy Cipta Arum, so for anyone who type her name in search engines and ends up on this page, Welcome! She is […]

Staycation; On a Soul Searching and Catch Up With Solitude.

That day, i was waiting for my train ride, a long night train ride that i, as usual, didn’t know will happen.. But i didn’t refuse, instead i was extremely excited for having my staycation journey as i plan on what i’m gonna do during my stay, that i want to enjoy every seconds of […]

Out of The Room: Stay in a place like Home X Airbnb Review.

Read my Japan’s Trip Here. Daaan akhirnya hutangku terbayar juga. I always promise all of these updates that i’ll write my review about my airbnb’s stay. So here it is, in this update i’ll tell you three of my stay that i haven’t be able to write before. From Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong! The […]

Must-Try Traveling Tips: Cash Back on Travel Fair.

Pergi-pergi jauh gak harus mahal kok. Really, it’s a matter of priority.. kalau kamu emang memprioritaskan buat pergi, kamu tetep bakal pergi kok. Kalau alasannya “Duh tiketnya kan mahal”, kalian harus coba yang namanya Travel Fair! So far, saya baru ikut travel fairnya Singapore Airlines dua kali. I got return flight ticket to Japan only […]