Self Lead on Leadership

Beep-beep-boop. i'm never brave enough to share about it.. but, here it is! let's talking about leadership. The important thing being a leader is when creating others to be a leader. On my opinion a leader is a person who can inspires the others, before we can inspire the others we need to have the [...]


25th International Biology Olympiad

   Here, on July i'm on Bali-Beautiful island of Indonesia. Becoming one of volunteer, although i thought i'd became the students guide there, well in fact i was positioned becoming jury guide which the job is not only Guide-ing the Juries. I put my feet on Bali's ground, the places i stay for the next [...]


Interested on volunteering world, i divided them into two kind of volunteering. first is Social Volunteer, the second one is activity volunteer. In my perception, social volunteer mostly the place where we involved in social activity such as helping other, or involved in NGO just because we want it, doesn't seek for other things except [...]

Save Street Child Bandung

Hampir satu tahun, gak pernah balik lagi ke bubat semenjak jadwal diluar yang biasa berdatangan. Bubat itu apa, emang ada apasih? Buah batu, lokasi sekitar bandung timur mungkin ya. Disini ada anak-anak jalanan yang suka ngamen atau sekedar main di perempatan buah batu. Pertama kali gabung jadi volunteer Save Street Child Bandung-red:SSCB. Dulu, jaman masih [...]

I currently interested on human rights and social economic issue. Why i've interested on these topics? Well, it's have interconnection between the economic and human rights. Like we've known before, there is many human rights issue on developing country. Why developing country? It has strong relativity with poverty. Which we know that a lot of [...]