Europe Travel Stories; Barcelona, the combination of Heritage and Urban Culture.

It was a time when I walk down from an overnight journey from Lyon to Barcelona. I arrive there in Barcelona Nord in the early morning when the skies is going to change its color, from the ash dark to the calm and light bright. I walk up heading to my hotel just one KM’s... Continue Reading →


How-To; Some of My Cheat-Sheet-Wear to Travel in Europe for Late Autumn.

I have checked every single weather forecast in every cities i go, and by this post you will found me cheating on clothes i brought, hahahaha. You'll see me wearing the exact outfit twice, Coat and pants for several times, because i need to pack as light as possible, so that's my excuse. Im the... Continue Reading →

Travel Tips; How To Create a Simple Itinerary

Seperti yang sudah saya janjiin (di post yang mana ya saya lupa..), saya akan share gimana saya menuyusun itinerary saat travelling, jadi kamu gak akan bingung sesampainya di tempat tujuan mau apa, harus kemana dan gimana?!! Sebelumnya, saya udah bikin draft dari jauh sebelum ini, tapi untuk itinerary Bali, dan pake bahasa inggris.. hehehe.. jadi,... Continue Reading →

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