How-To; Some of My Cheat-Sheet-Wear to Travel in Europe for Late Autumn.

I have checked every single weather forecast in every cities i go, and by this post you will found me cheating on clothes i brought, hahahaha. You’ll see me wearing the exact outfit twice, Coat and pants for several times, because i need to pack as light as possible, so that’s my excuse. Im the […]

Living a life like Local; Best Surrounding in Seoul X Airbnb Review.

Airnb is always my life savior and forever go-to apps and web to book my stay with local experience, better interior, and much affordable price while this all is the best-and-important deal for me. When in Seoul, i got the perfect location for my apartment, the infamous Dongdaemun Plaza is just 200 metres away from […]

Travel Guide; On My Seoul Stories! (Part Two)

——————–15 Minutes on a Chill-Reading.——————– Before starting on Seoul Stories Part Two, better Read my day One and Two Seoul Stories First, Here! I can’t lie, four days in Seoul is not enough.. Too many places I need to see, I need to visit, I need to feel. Heading to the Bus that will transport […]

Europe Travel Stories; A Different Side of France You Need to See, Lyon in Twenty Four Hours.

A short night train, approximately two hours from Paris. I arrive at Lyon Part Dieu. I was prepared my self and all of my belongings to step out from the train. The night was cold, as what the autumn temperature normally offers. Yet, as i walk toward the exit lane, i felt a different feelings, […]

Europe Travel Stories; Paris and my attempt to be Parisienne.

Well, i’ve been considerably thinking, that i will use all of my blogpost in english. Even for the Travel post and review that i always used in Bahasa Indonesia. So, if you happen to be someone who doesn’t speak english, please refer to the corner right on your search tab, you will most likely found […]

Lady in Grace; J’adior et Dior Dame.

Real life been so busy, pursuing my own personal purposes! But here i am back on managing my digital life YAY! Designer art for the year and we’re all knew Dior is here! Been eyeing Dior since so long now i finally put these stuff up on my blog! Lady Dior in Gold Tone Calfskin […]

Travel Guide; On My Seoul Stories! (Part One)

——————–20 Minutes on a Chill-Reading.——————– It was all started from the each liner to say I need to go some where, she need to go some where, and definitely we should go somewhere. Shasmy Cipta Arum, so for anyone who type her name in search engines and ends up on this page, Welcome! She is […]

Staycation; On a Soul Searching and Catch Up With Solitude.

That day, i was waiting for my train ride, a long night train ride that i, as usual, didn’t know will happen.. But i didn’t refuse, instead i was extremely excited for having my staycation journey as i plan on what i’m gonna do during my stay, that i want to enjoy every seconds of […]

Where To Stay – Review; Clio Bali Apartments & Mokko Suites Villas Bali

Oh here we go again, Bali.. I always tell my self that im not going to any places more than once but Bali is my exception. Let me tell you one secret why i choose Bali to re-begin my story with.. This year i decided to finally have a lot of Travel, again, yes because […]

How To; April Looks on My Staycation Moods.

So many blog post i haven’t write yet, but don’t worry i still have time to tell you what i brought (and wore) on my previous staycation! So, here it is how my April Looks Journey! (And ugh, yes the staycation post will be updated later ya :p)   Day one, strolling around and enjoy […]