Every Woman Long-Term-Investment; SK II Treatment Essence and RNA Power.

I never been more amazed than this, and i can't lie to you that i love using SK II's Treatment. From all of these whole packs, i actually only use the Facial Treatment Essence and the RNA Power (Radical New Age) Moisturizer, and uhm a lil bit of it's free toner kit. And gotta let... Continue Reading →


Take a Life : How i Start and End my day.

I've been a fan of Clinique. yash, i am. Since im no longer --read, dare-- to tried any other products and i finally decide to invest more on Clinique. By this time i would give you what i did on my early day and how do i prepare to finish it. I really love to... Continue Reading →

Benefit : Big Easy BB Cream Review

IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE MY LAST POST. Finally, i have my spare time and a courage to write down my review here. This time, I'm gonna tell you about Benefit Big Easy BB Cream. I've been using Benefit BB Cream since couple months ago, it's a little bit strange because i'm only... Continue Reading →

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