Hi, Get to know me better!

My full name is Rizky Afdolina, but i prefer to be called Kiki –since it’s so much easier to pronounce. And most of my social channel named kikiafd, that i took on the first three letter on my last name –in order to distinguish my self from the other kiki. Yes. Hahaha.

Im an Indonesian, and graduated from Economics and Business Major. Yet! I really love to spend my time on blogging and photography. Not to mention that traveling is on it.

Anyway, I mostly write my daily personal stuff, and sometimes places and it’s tips, and few of my skin care routine. All of the lifestyle and my ‘fun’ journal will be updated every Friday on 10pm! STAY TUNED! and [hopefully] i’ll also updated my some-brainfood-post once a month by the end of it.

For all inquiries please contact me at:  hello@kikiafd.com

Go check the following channel to see what i have posted;

Instagram : kikiafd

Facebook Pages : kikiafd

Web : kikiafd.com

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