A Rarely Fun Posts; 20 Facts About Me

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1. I hold a Master Degree, plus, its from the best and prestigious university in Australia. 🙂. Put it number one cs its a hell of ride, and i intentionally did not share it a lot.

2. Money is important, but i need greater motivation to do things other than that. Life values, so far, is still my number one guidance for my life.

3. I frikin love to spend my free-time creating these digital content. I swear this is kind of my stress release. I’ve been loving social media since highschool.

4. I enjoy spending time with like minded people. Who understand the importance of having a life and creating things at the same time. Not too focus on work, not those who careless of life and future either.

5. I hate spending money. And im a good saver. I make sure i spend things only if i alr save more than i can spend. Some brands that you see were given. Im not spending things if my saving isnt at least 3x. Period.

6. I think too much. I think a lot. Yes, i did have some seasonal anxiety particularly when im alone. And making peace that i’ll be living with it for the entire of my life. 🙂

7. I haven’t found my One. But inshallah. With this beautiful patient and not rushing into things, and ofc by god’s will, i might be deserving people who also deserve me. 😊

8. I was soooo bubbly and have a lot of friends that i love! But.. as we grow older, and we moving into different direction, i accept that our circle is getting smaller. And sometimes, im just on my own. But thats life, and thats ok!

9. I mostly get things that i want — sounds cocky, but, some things were taking times and failures here and there. But somehow still manage to get there :p. But anyways. I now learn not to obsessed things in life either, and my life never been this peace.

10. My number one prayer to God is, if he ever let me build a family, may he guide us to be a healthy loving caring, under his protection and guidance. May he protect my kids, not to experience some uncomfortable things that i have in life.

11. I learn in life that i can do everything. A lot of things. But. Tbh, doing everything is unwise. Its better if you do in one, focus and get better on it. It will give you a whole lot more advantages when you were specialized in one. Which i still need to figure out.

12. Also, as i grew older, i become more risk-averse. I was so eager to get lot of things when i was younger, but somehow, i now couldn’t yet explain about this changes. Later i will.

13. Im a good carer of my self! I know how important it is, i make sure to include what nutrition i need and dont need for my body. I regularly exercise to keep my serotonin hormones in check. One that can help boost your moods. I Make sure to drink a-lot of water. You can see me bring 1.5L jugglers everywhere.

14. God, im running out of words and ideas of what next. But well, My life is honestly, escallated quite quick. Ahh talk to me in person about this. Its quite teary but im grateful for this 🤍

15. Im a sweet tooth. I can finished a plate of cake, not sliced, in one sitting. 😌. But thats unhealthy tbh. hahaha. and i did this when i was stressed and under a lot of self-pressures. Which i now forgave my self. And be more gentle to my self. ☺️

Ok. A total JK. I never be able to make it into 20 facts cs im running out of ideas 🤔 but here enjoy some pieces of me that i finally let my self to share!

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