Master of Self-Care; Kiehl’s and Sephora Purchase.

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As a Self-Care Guru, i need to confess that i haven’t got into this headspace until recently. In the last couple month of my final term, i finally make the effort to take care of my self and this simple purchase is one of them.

I finally purchased some products that have been on my list, just finally have the time and the feels to bought it! I’ll review how these products goes on my usage 🙂

First thing first, in the middle of pandemic plus my reading list and assignments, i finally make an online purchase. Given, im not an online-shopper per se. But, i need to make effort to keep my self sane. hahaha. so i bought Kiehl’s. I had review some of kiehl’s product that i used a-looong-time ago. I actually trust the products as well, since i was fine back then.

This time, i have some problems with my acne scars. and i kinda think i need to deal with these, then i decided to bought Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. And randomly add Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque to my shopping chart. hehehe. but i though i might need to do something with my pores, clean it, and prevents my acne to showing up, if they dare.

My experience for Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, hmm, i could say it was fine. Okay it could be good, but tricky on my skin. If i only apply it on my acne scars, particularly a-new-reddish-acne-scars, it helps to heals the colour. But only if I applied it on the exact part of my acne scars. There were several times i tried to apply it to all over my face, yet it triggers another acne that causing my skin to get even more scars. So, for me personally, when i first tried it, i only applied it on the exact acne scars, and yes, it heals the discolouration for about a week routinely morning and night. But if i tried to applied it to all over my skin, then nope.. not again.

It’s a bit pricey. my opinion would say, the price need to be a bit lesser given the result isn’t as ‘amazing’. But overall, this still okay.

Then, this random purchase finally goes into its way. Hehehe. i finally tried Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque, but… i don’t think it works in my skin as every time i used it, some big acne keep popping. I tried to validate my experience by giving it a break for a few weeks, then try it again. And yep, it seems just doesn’t work on my skin. I’m about to give this Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque away only in Indonesia region. If you ever read this, follow my IG Account @kikiafd and post a stories why you want to get this Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque for free~ (and make sure your profile is not private)

Did i write too much, or this were just fine? but anyway. On my Kiehl’s purchase, they also gave me some samples. I got one of sun-screen, Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner, Breakout Control Blemish Treatment and Facial Fuel for men! i haven’t try three of them, as i don’t want to use too many products on my skin. But i used the sun-screen and i could say i like it!

Next! My proudest purchase because i’ve been wanting this since i still in Melbourne yet when i finally decided to buy, we were in lock-downed and all the stores were closed, and i was just flying back home soon after. But But But, i’m excited to tell you and share my review on Ouai Hair Oil and Marc Jacob Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara, i know they just release a new one but i dont think its alr in Indo.

Okay. For the Ouai Hair Oil, i could say…. I LIKE IT. i think it’s obvious. I was running out of my hair oil as well, i purchased it from my hair stylist back years ago. And i need hair oil ASAP, and decided to bought one from the supermarket but it smells too strong and i couldn’t bear it. But on this Ouai Hair Oil, i immediately like it on my first pump. It smells like jasmine. And it really helps my hair even smoother and looks healthier. Did i mention it make my hair look shiny as well? hehe. Talk to me about this, then you can see how excited i will show you for this Ouai Hair Oil.

Then, Marc Jacob Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara, i could also say this one need to get into your must-purchase list. I honestly like it and amaze when i apply it into my lashes. It instantly make my lashes thicker and curl perfectly. I don’t know what else to review, but believe me, i’d say it if its not good. and For me, i’m way too excited and just want you to know this-is-IT!

well, this feels so good to be back on these product review. I’ll be back on my product Haul’s in the next few weeks. in the mean time, please enjoy all the review and stories on my web page!

Love, AFD ❤

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