An Appreciation Post; To The People Who Matter a Lot During My Melbourne-Life.

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I’m honestly grateful for having an experience to live in Melbourne. I keep thinking that i might be suited better if i were in Sydney, because from what i have seen, Sydney’s population looks more mature and focus on their day-to-day work and life. I also thought local population in Sydney was something that i need to have a real Aussie’s living experience. But, recently, i realised that i’m wrong. and i’m grateful for being able to live in Melbourne.

Melbourne, a culture capital of Australia. To be truly honest, i never expect my self will be going to live in the land under. I thought, i’ll be in somewhere around European country, *cough*, UK. But for one and the other reason and consideration, I feel i’ll be better to study in Aussie. But i never knew how to live in Australia, it never come in my mind, so that i don’t have much knowledge to prepare my living over there.

Maybe, if i was in some other part of Aussie, i might experience what i always thought. So, i thought that i’ll be only –or mostly, meeting white people (ps. no intention for being racist at all). But i was quite shook, while i found, particularly in Melbourne, i found so many people from all around the world. Well, i can say, there is a lot of people especially from China and India. But again, i meet so many more friends who come around from the other part of the world.

i keep thinking, i actually quite lucky for being exposed to something that was actually bigger than what i have been planned. Where i only thought i going to learn about one culture, yet i turn out being exposed into a real diversity. These way, i then knew how to work with them, what similarities and differences that i can step in. How they did something rose up my standards, demand and expectation. I miss being surrounded by different people in every second turns.

However, i have some people that i want to appreciate during my Melbourne life. Living abroad for the first time is never easy. But these people help me going through a lot, and be there when i need them the most. Frankly, i understand how little the time we have out of the study. Life was so much busy, and it was needed to put an effort to set aside some times to hanging out with people. Yes, i could say, it’s hella crazy. Lucky if you have the luxury to own a group who can be there with you for most of the time, and you were not bothered anyway by their presence. But, that’s not in my case.

So, this actual appreciation post is dedicated to eleven people who were i luckily and grateful the most during my Melbourne time. little did they know, their presence and time were mean a lot for me, and my well-being

1.Bonnie. When i first have my break-down, because of school, i effortlessly told Bonnie and Maggie, as universe also coincidentally let me met these two right after i met Stop-1′ Counsels for my well-being. And i honestly didn’t thought that anyone would care about what happen to me, given how busy and fast-pace the semesters was. I somehow felt safe and trust them to tell what happen with me. and later on that night, Bonnie was the first person who gave me a long-thoughtful encouraging message that make me felt i’m so lucky, to actually have friends who did care.

2. Maggie. I met Maggie and Bonnie on the beginning of my intake. we were participate in one event and somehow it’s easy to talk to them and ask them to go out. Maggie also knew what was happen to me. and the excitement to go out with them is never disappear. I met Maggie more often because we also befriended with Sophie!

3. Huilyana. I don’t know how to describe her, but she’s the one who always be there. The kindest of them all. Anna come from Indonesia as well, so i think it might be easier to understand each other with our own language. But her, i truuuuuuuly grateful, and can’t stop being thankful that i met her in my finance-class. Since then, i knew how sincere she is. I know how genuine she really is to see me as her friends. i lose contact for quite some-months, but then, i somehow trust her as well to share my break-down stories. And, i know for sure, i’m glad to reach out to her to finally get her energy for being genuine, thoughtful, and cheerful. i can spend one more post dedicated for how kind she really is. Through her, i at least i have a life. with Dave as well, who in the end we three hangout more often, especially to keep each other sane during pandemic lock-down.

Sophie. Some random moment, where we were in the same Mgt.Psychology class. I found out she knew Maggie, and effortlessly ask her to go out together for three of us. Our time is a bit difficult to match, but somehow we always make time to go out at least once in every sems. I know, that wasn’t quite much, but given our study pace, and especially my own study pace, hanging out with them is much about the quality, instead of quantity.

Plearn. I don’t know what would i be without Plearn and Dyah throughout my semesters. They were both more into my work-life balance friends. hahaha. we were in the same group quite often, because we already knew each other from the first Sems, and know how each other works for every assignment. They were my safe net. they were also so helpful. and Plearn even willing to back-me up when i was not feeling well. She knew my break-down stories and kindly keep encouraging me while i wasn’t look well. God, im so lucky for being able to have some people that i could trust with these. And ah, my coffee-talker mate as well!

Dyah. I talk to Dyah mostly when we were in the same class together. but i somehow can feel that she is a friend that i could rely on. Honestly, she is way so kind. she is the nicest and sincere amongst the friends who were in the same programs. She’s smart. She willing to work hard. but she does not showing it off. which her humble-ness is what i respect the most from her. Hug dyah if she ever read this.

Wenjie. Met Wenjie in one random summer class, approach me to be in the same group with her because she want to have at least non-chinese group mate to broaden her culture perspective. Little did they knew, i learn Chinese and have been there earlier on the year as well. So, im glad and excited to accept their invitation to be in the same group. Our group, effortlessly did well. We get the highest grade for our works while, i could say, we were having a lot of fun in the process. Then, i become a good friends with them, having dinner and karaoke together. Cook some Chinese dumpling, before the pandemic hit. But amongst them, i work and discuss more often with Wenjie, it somehow she connected to what i was talk about, i felt we somehow share the same ideas. and she became translator to the other group member in Chinese. We then, not knowingly, part in the same project. Again, i’m so excited to met her because i knew how is it when we work together, and what the result will be!

Carmen and Amanda. I lived with them for a year. and safe to say i’m grateful for being in the same roof with them. They were fun. They were also smart. they work hard. but they also have a life. i don’t know how could they balance it, but i honestly amazed with this sisters. I never lived in a shared house. Not even can share anything to anyone, given i’m an, *cough*, only child. I didn’t get used to to interact with people 24/7, so for some moment i realized that i don’t talk too much. But, i see some perspective how to live as a sisters. A supportive, one caring side.

Oh plus, i frankly hate to talk about my relationship. it always have. But i think i might need to embrace this side of me. Sometimes, i felt i was quite embarrassed, particularly when it doesn’t end well. But, every relationship taught us some lesson. right? So let’s have a quick and short notes for these people, who also actually help me to understand my self better, and what i actually needs.

Yashar. I, just want to thank God. not him in person. lol. But with him i, finally understand, that i kept lingering with an emotionally-unstable people. and i finally understand, the patterns kept repeating, and know that these things will never works for me. Also, thankful for showing me how to walk out from his own act. and not regret for leaving this behind and get on back to my own life. I personally like it when he still reaching me out, but i forgave him, and knowing these won’t goes anywhere. It feels good to letting these go with no regret.

Nouman. The only one i finally feels fine with. I have no rush. He have no rush. we took time and take things slow. Not until pandemic hit and i decided to go back home. I’m actually not sure with these, but i read that stable and normal relationship feels boring. hmm. it got me thinking. But what i like is, i’m quite busy with my school, life and own-self. i wasn’t thinking that im ready to have another relationship, as the previous one was quite emotionally-draining. But, somehow its quite easy to communicate with him. though some of the time he wasn’t talkative in message, letting me not responding to his text. lol. but he kept himself there and checking up on me until we go out and decided to date. Even after, there is countless time that i kept not responding to his text. either i busy, or don’t want to talk. But he still there and keep showing. But pandemic hits, i couldn’t go anywhere. we both thinking these lock-down will only get two-weeks. but, my study and my self is priority, and i need to go home to focus finishing my study. But my point, with him, i might be understand some pieces of how i should go for a relationship. I also can tell about this later in one single webpost, but to be honest. I’m glad being able to understand these part of my self.

Final word, these people are the main one who matter a lot during my Melbourne time, both for my happy and feeling down’s day. These people are there, those who i can account for. Those who i can rely for. Those who i can trust. I dont know what my life would be without their presence in my life-path. Im trully grateful for having their time in my Melbourne-Life.

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