Where-To-Stay; China’s Golden Triangle.

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So, how’s these COVID-19 situations get better at your place? — I found things might not go back to normal, and apparently we really need to make peace and deal with it. at least in the next few years.

But, let’s have a break from it. and read my China-Airbnb post because i’m so excited to finally have time to write back on the web! Have you guys know that i took Chinese in the last couple years? and i intentionally take chinese for my last destination before i’m having a ‘new life’ as a Master Student. Because yash, i’ve been learning for it, i took chinese standardized test, and for sure why didn’t i just go there for a a firsthand experience. Then here i go. I’ll share a bit more about this on my china post. But lets talk on where i stay.

Those who’ve been reading my web knows i depend on Aibnb, a lot. And there is no difference on my trip in China. Though we know how strict their regulation are, including their Internet firewall. But, i can still go through airbnb, book and stay there with no hassle. Things were smooth. Again, for those who’ve been reading my web, knows i also use airbnb because i mostly did all the activity outside and only need some places to rest and sleep. and, book a proper and decent Hotel room for a wholly rest-day, which i called staycation.

In Beijing, i used airbnb. My flight arrived early in the morning and we were allowed to do early check-in. The place was quite good, but they don’t have kitchen. But since i went out most of the day, i can compromise.Check here for my Beijing Airbnb Link.

I didn’t realize that China is that huge. And the trip from Beijing to Xian can take about 7-10 hours by train. you can choose to have a flight, but there are some consideration why i choose train instead. later, will tell more on my China’s post :P. During my travel from Beijing to Xian, i catch fever and my body temperature were high. Poor me, because it’s winter and my body couldn’t cope well. But also lucky, it was on January 2019, imagine if it’s a year forward in 2020. Ah, i don’t even want to think about it. Again, Lucky, in Xi’an i planned my staycation, so i choose a way proper stay and have a proper and better rest! check Hyatt Regency Xi’an.

and Last, i back on using Airbnb in Shanghai. it was a loft room, The beds were on the upper side, where kitchen and bathroom right below it. It was quite unique, they painted the wall with some wild animal prints hahaha. But, it lacks of window, since i just found out it wasn’t an apartment, but more like a re-furnished compartment house. Check the owner here.

And yeah thats it, my general consideration before i book places to stay is how often will i go out or stay. Second, what the basic need that i need in the house, i personally need bathroom, sofa, heater and local TV but that can also be found in common hotel. But kitchen, i can only found kitchen through airbnb so thats why. and plus the room size~

I can’t wait to go back on traveling, but funny that i no longer as interested to travel as before. The more i got older, i might prefer more staycation or really go to places that quite much meaningful for me. Or waiting the right time to travel while prioritizing my daily life. Buuuuut, please enjoy all my travel things that i share here!

Love, AFD ❤

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