Europe Travel Stories; My stroll around Madrid.

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It was another early morning in Madrid, we use MRT from the bus station to the hotel. Notes for everywhere we stay can be clicked here. We started the day by storing our luggage in the hotel, and heading straight to Royal Palace. Lucky we got another affordable room in the center of its tourism area, it make us easy to go around and about anywhere we wanted to go on my to-do list!

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Anyway, this morning we went to royal palace, it was so early as no one really there. But to give you some description, Royal Palace was the official residence of Spanish Royal Family which now are used mostly for state ceremonies, unfortunately since i was there too early i have no idea wether the palace is open for public or not, in which i just found out they have an opening hours differ in each season– and my early visit is not opened yet! Little did i know, they also have some exhibition inside the palace, you can witness the Royal Armoury and the painting Gallery, Royal Kitchen as well as witnessing their changing guard hour!

But unfortunately, not only it was too early to be in Royal Palace, the sky starting to get dark, and rains start to fall gradually from light rain to heavy rain, in which forced me to move to another place! — meanwhile i’ve been checking the weather should be abundance shine!

Following after, we went to Museo Ceralbo, not only it was on my to-do list but also it save us from the cold outside! it was chill, but rain make it freezing! and thanks god i just need to walk one kilometer away, to finally warm my self and back on track on discovering the history of Madrid that it left behind.

Once i enter,  i felt like im back in time through its decoration of a nineteenth centuries that consist of high ceiling on the hallway and most of its marble flooring. It was a home of a most noble family in madrid and store up to 50,000 prominents collections. We did stroll throughout all the mansion in which typical living function were there, but in centuries style. A huge Living room, numerous number of bedroom, showing room for painting, study, armoury, and dining room in all were astonished by its detail furniture and art throughout the wall, ceiling and even floor. More interestingly, they also provide you explanation in every collections, who is it belong to, who are they in picture os painting, whose rooms its belong to, what are the most interesting have had happened in certain rooms. It gave you more explanation to understand better how they live back on centuries.

I remember i spend almost three hour there, not because the mansion was huge, as it is not as huge as Louvre! but i was mesmerised by all the detail interior and all the art description of the mansion. Plus, it was raining outside so i better war my self up before moving to another list, to have breakfast!

I ended up having breakfast in Federal Cafe Madrid, in which turn out was an Australian branch caffe that has more than couple all around Spain! i’m impressed by now. Big breakfast, Salmon on Toast, Hot chocolate and of course my caffeine intake for Latte! It’s even better when it was freezing outside, and you got your food in a heavenly warm seating. Ahhh.. all is good. Plus by listening some people having their breakfast, laughing on each other while enjoying their foods, some of them were working on their laptop, some of them were colleagues, some of them were as same family as mine.

We went back to Plaza de Oriente, cause of some changing in plans. FYI, plaza de Oriente is in the exact same location with Royal Palace, as we also heading back to Hotel to have some rest, it was also exhausting to have an overnight bus ride and go straight on you arrival, so this time i listen to my needs and back to the hotel after taking some picture in Plaza de Oriente. As little more information, Plaza de Oriente is a square in the historic center of madrid, it stands between Spain’s most important building Royal Palace and royal theater, to be precise you will found a man sculpture riding his horse –re, equestrian figures.

i wonder should i tell you that i went back to the hotel to checked my self in and get some rests before we finally go back out and looking for some Spain’s traditional Dessert? oh well, never mind i just told you~

Minding your body is also important during travel, i’m not even tired to tell you to keep consume vitamin and suplement to keep your body during the journey, and most importantly to listen what your body needs including to get some proper hours of rest and sleep!

Heading out and surprised with the crowds that surrounds my Hotel, no wonder, i whisper to myself, this was the center of tourism in Madrid, it the city center of madrid, everyone will obviously went here. I just need to walk approximately 400 meters from my hotel to finally get on the Plaza Mayor, with churros in hand! in the love of chocolate and all sweets! oh, another out of these topics, when i walk heading to Plaza mayor, i found a bookstore! i still and will always love them, hence i took some memories there while some of guys just walking by passing us and bombing the photo! well, i forgive y’all -lol. Anyway. Plaza mayor is the oldest city center in madrid, the most famous landmark and has a rich of history, which now consists of restaurants, caffes, plaza, events and everything touristic things you name it! once you inside the plaza, you will be surrounded by a square red brick colored building with several statues around between here and there. not to mention all the people who walk by to also witness its beauty. (23 of 53)

there are some other lists that i should have been visits, but there are some plans changing and i change my mind and go back to hotel instead. I will share on the end of this posts where i wish i go but couldn’t make it! keep reading love.


Day two.

We have a flight later on the day, so today we aim not to go to many places. We, pssst have an emergency breakfast in Subway, yes sandwich lol, i need to have some veggies and nutritions intake and super easy and simple and quick, don’t blame mey~ before starting the day and start another journey to hang around Muse del Prado, which it was Spain national holiday, and all the ticket is half price for museum (or maybe free?) but a long line of queue and my limited amount of time, i decided not to go inside! I have going through some Hispanic nineteenth centuries, and witnessing all their mesmerising arts back on Ceralbo Museum, im for sure not going to regret on missing this one. Little description, Muse del Prado is the main Spanish national art museum thought it has one of world most finest collection, please check it in if you have more time in Madrid!

Not far from there, we then walk to El Retiro Park, the largest park in Madrid which integrate with numerous specialities garden and function building. i have one monument that i like the most; Jardines de Cecilio Rodriguez. Where all the natural lighting is coming all around the building, with its floor to ceiling glass architecture that i will definitely not forget. In El Retiro Park itself you can enjoy your time by strolling around its green oasis that can relax your mind, to escape the bustling city and witnessing people with their joy on El Retiro’s Lake. Rent the boat, follows the peacocks, see all the colourful rose garden, or simply have your trunks and lunch here. Who will skip these temptation to wind down and enjoy a little moment in life?

Its the only places i went on my last day in Madrid, before i finally go back to Hotel pick my luggage and heading to Barajas Airport to finally know my love for Italy! — well, i fly with Ryan Air in which unbelievably affordable –re cheap. price!

Things To Do;

  • Royal Palace
  • Plaza De Oriente
  • Museo Ceralbo
  • Panic Bakery
  • Teatro Flaminco
  • Plaza Cibeles
  • El Retiro Park
  • Restro de Antique
  • Puerta del Sol
  • Cafe Central
  • Federal Cafe Madrid
  • Churros and Chocolateria!
  • Muse del Prado
  • Muse de Reina Sofia



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