Where-to-Stay; Europe on France, Spain and Italy.

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Will never tired to remind you, whenever I travel, I only choose a lowkey stay. For the main reason that I mostly outside, and only need a place to have; a night rest, sleep, wake up in the morning, having shower and ready to start another day outside. So, yes, I choose one that still comfortable, but affordable. This time, I will take you on places I stay during my last Europe Trip; through Airbnb and Hotel Stay.

I mostly use either Airbnb app, or Agoda, but if you have any other suggestion where or which app can give me best deals, please leave a message or comment below!

Paris – France.

That morning, I finally arrived in Charles de Gaule. Sami, My Airbnb host was truly kind as they allow us to have an early check in on early morning. They was once plan to greet us in person yet they need to travel and leave while I get there, so we were greeted by Sami’s helper.  I love this place, not as lowkey as I mentioned but I choose this on purpose. The first few days on my arrival is my Birthday, note in mind I turn older every 6th of October J, anyway, yes but Sami’s Airbnb is still affordable with an unmistakable Parisienne vibes, for its chimney and huge window facing their garden. I can see myself become future Parisienne.

kikiafd.com (27 of 88)

Sami’s place quite spacious, a one bedroom accommodation with its living room, kitchen, bathroom and working space. Everything is all there, at least what my basic need on appliances, plus the amount of natural light that can get in during the day! One thing that I don’t understand is how to turn on the room heater, lol! Please yes lol.

Click here for Airbnb Link to my Apartment’s Host – Paris.

Lyon – France.

after spend three days and two night in Paris, I went next to Lyon taking an evening train. This time, I only rent a hotel room, not that spacious but not that small either as what I need is a place to rest and sleep, because spend less than 24 hours in Lyon and need to continue my journey right on the next day. I book the room through Agoda, Hotel de Paris – Lyon. While Lyon is a small city and this hotel is located in the middle of its city, it become a right choice for my one-night-stay. It’s easy to get from and to! A totally basic facility to support my needs for a quick rest; bed, shower and electricity, and still Lyon’s view from ups!

Click here for Agoda Link to Hotel de Paris – Lyon.

kikiafd.com (31 of 88)

Barcelona – Spain.

I also only spend a night in Barcelona. As I ride an overnight bus, I arrive early in the morning, and store my luggage in Hotel Urquinaona. Again, for basic needs for my quick rest on this travelling journey. Plus somewhere to safely store my luggage.

Click here for Agoda Link to Hotel Urquinaona – Barcelona.

Madrid – Spain.

and here is my Madrid stay; exactly on the city center and walking distance to the nearest tourist spot! I quite like it here, eventhough the room is, extremely small -which I intentionally choose, but their interior quite urban and edgy, it makes my quick rest feels so cozy, and I could go back and forth during the day hence its located in the city center!

Click here for Agoda link to Select Room 007 SOL – Madrid.

If one asking, where did I stay in Rome, my answer is… Let’s keep it real, cause I didn’t sleep anywhere. I took a flight from Madrid to Rome, and I arrived at 1 am, while its been too late to check in and no reasonable and convenient transportation is available until 5am and stay in airport for that long. I can give you spoiler before I publish my Italy Trips, that I only spend roughly 10-11ish hour in Rome and move to next destination. (I only have 14 days to visit 9 cities so I need to make some trade-off!)

Florence – Italy.

I can tell you, and another spoiler, that Italy my best trips.. God I love Italy –-at least through my travel experience.  Later on the evening I arrive in Florence and checked our self in. One thing that I gratefully say is, I got the upper room, where I could see Florence street and building scenery and a popped head of Florence Dome. The hotel is quite small but still Ok as I spend most of my time outside.

Click here for Agoda Link to Florence Dome Hotel – Florence.

Milan – Italy.

I don’t stay in Cinq Terre, but I think I didn’t have much energy served on those last few days as I arrived in Milan, hence I’m not sure took any photo of my Airbnb or not, but couldn’t fin one! I’ll link it here just in case one want to check. It also located in walking distance to Duomo di Milano and Galleria Vittoria de Emanuella. With lots of neighborhood caffe around, so once you starve you can just pick one and smashed it!

Click here for Airbnb Link to my Apartment’s Host – Milan.

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