Local-Not So-Local; Turning my Self as a Sydney-Siders.

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New on the hood! This memories still fresh up on my mind! Im now trying to write backward on my recent trips! Im going to Sydney!


I used to plan everything, every-single-thing on my own. But this time, i was impulsively saying i’m in to a friend’s plan on travelling to Sydney! and i just come with them, without involved in any plan making at all, WHICH WAS GOOD OH MY GOD! hahaha.

Australia, is pretty unique, since i never had any thought to travel around this land-under-the-map. It’s pretty different from a classic European corner, in where Aussie have a lot more modern style of building and living, otherwise they have nature and rocks and sea.

It was starting on day one, kind of a Morning Flight, because it takes an hour from city to nearest airport in Melbourne. I woke up, almost late, but manage to catch it yet some of my belongings are left and there is no time to pick all the things back. I order my Uber, and running through the bus shuttle for city to airport.

It was nine in the morning, and took almost one and 45 minutes to finally arrived in Sydney and only took 15 minutes to City! We put our luggage in storage center, and went to Sydney Fish Market to have some brunch!


Sydney is located in the eastern coastal of Australia, in which you can see too many seas and water in everyway you walk, and, no wonder if they are rich with fresh sea-food. We order a plater for two, yet it can feed four girls with choices of fish and chips and oyster and calamary and the mozarella oyster yes, and shrimps and all the flour and deep fried foods that drooled me and make me want to get back there! totally legit! The first place was checked, and beyond impressive! –apparently because it fills our tummy with a decent seafood!

Next on second stop, Darling Harbour! it was a sunny winter that not even winter in the day, which was good! i know! we walk around for a bit while looking for direction in which cruise we need to take! Fyi, we just took a 15 minutes cruise since we don’t have a lot of time for this. The cruise sail from Darling Harbour to the Dock near Sydney Opera House passing through Sydney Harbour Bridge, it was a beautiful cruise experience! it was my first time! and walk toward the first time ever witnessing the Sydney Opera House in close look while holding a Belgian Ice Cream on my hand.

We will spend five days in Sydney, in New South Wales to be exact. Three days in City and the other two will go more in Nature! By the first day, we know exactly we need to stay in city to get the Sydney feels. Walking around from Sydney Opera House, looking for different angle toward Royal Botanical Garden, i can give you spoiler that we will see this Sydney Opera House from a lot of angle, like literally a-lot. It was five o’clock, the sun is going to set and it was a beautiful golden shimmer heading the space between Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, and the place where i stand in the edge of Royal Botanical Garden.

Following after, we order Ola! a rideshare platform similar like Uber! we ride ola from royal botanical garden to the Ground of Alexandria! Yet, im not sure wether we’re too late, but everything is closed.. except for one caffe which we cancel and go back to central station for our luggage and did some groceries for the next four day emergency food and snacks!


Day 2 – Blue Mountain

i need to recalling back my mind from where i start the day to go miles away from the city center of Sydney. That morning, we woke up early to catch a train ride and changing in few stops. It took us approximately three hours from our airbnb to the scenic world Blue Mountain.

As three sisters was our first destination and ride back not that far to the scenic world blue mountain in which you can have unlimited amount of ride for scenic railway, scenic skyway and cable way. or if you want a healthier and more active options they have three pathway for the walkway!

kikiafd (10 of 30)

Anyway, i rode all these three and take a footpath as well to experience a fresh way to walk in nature in the middle of Australian Rainforest. Some of the ride quite tense but turn out it was okay! as it’s been a while since the last time i deal with height, and need to see all the nature view from top to get the best experience. Some of the ride also accommodate us through the steepest railroad –turnout it was so quick and safe and slow! Looking up the three sisters, Katoomba Falls, Mt Sollitary and Jamison Valley from Cable ride, where i was trembling and nervous but still awe by the scene and want to take the ride for more once it done!

kikiafd (22 of 99)

i went there on Australian winter, as of waiting all the ride, we order some hot coffee and food in the middle of cold weather, let alone Sydney Highland. We, not forgetting, to bring our lunch from home as there were not much option for food on the area, unless you walk back to the nearest train station.

It took us almost a whole day to explore these beautiful scenery in blue mountain, as on the afternoon we randomly decided to go to Parramatta, a suburb neighbourhood in New South Wales, not much to see but worth the visit for having dinner and answering our curiosity.

Day 3 – Sydney Siders

We arrange our day, for a tired long-and-far journey, to a chill nearest cafe in the city. Once in every next day. Therefore, this day we hop-around worth to visit spot around Sydney.

This morning, we retake lot of photos around Sydney Opera. Yes, you read it right. Have you read any of my travelling post how early morning is a best way to take photos on tourist spot? Its all empty, and the place is yours! all the photo taken just best when no one is around, and your camera can focus only to you and your aimed scenery. Cut it short, we then take a ride to Celsius Coffee Sydney. It’s a small spot, but it wins the location and view for being in the edge of harbour, so once you look out to the window, you can see Sea right in front of you. Or more, you can hear the peaceful waves that crash between one and another.

and i, definitely go for its coffee and waffle. just for your information, the place is quite small, if you want to have a better corner spot where my friends and i sit, come earlier when its almost empty!


Took us couple of hours, and we walk to lavender Bay, through Luna Park Sydney as same yet as different from one i have seen in Melbourne. This one in Sydney is much larger and have more ride and attraction than the one in Melbourne. I was once come inside to see what were there, and its all amusing! can’t even went inside Luna Park Melbourne because it was closed when i took my photo there. Luna Park Sydney looks so fun, even though i didn’t take any ride in the matter of time and our Sydney Itineraries, but i can feel the happiness from every visitors who walk here and there inside the park.

kikiafd (19 of 30)

few more meters to go, to finally reach Lavender Bay. Apparently, if i come in spring, i could see all the lavender is blooming around the streets toward the bay, however i still see some of the flowers in grey colour. So, what’s good from this bay, is not only it should have lavender around the area but it also facing harbour bridge, with numerous yacht that park on the harbour which worth to wind down and relax from the bustling vibes of Sydney business district.

Right after, while we escaping crowds of tourist that just popped, we take the ferry back to the Sydney opera harbour in one aligned to walk toward Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. If one wondering, now they open exhibition for a carnivore plants, the one who trapped worms and eat it on the Instagram’s explore! they have it there, just remember not to touch any of them if you want your fingers safe. Oh well, back on our ferry road, bear in mind the fare will cost you more than the usual bus or trams, even its cheaper to hail an online ride to share with 3-4 peeps. But nothing can replace the experience though!

I can’t recall what i did after Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, but few hours later, we went to Bondi Beach. YES. these iconic coast line, shore and anything you name it with a pool Iceberg clubs that as much iconic that its photo need to be taken! we, intentionally went to Bondi during sunset hours, where its unmistakable choice to finally see a truly cotton candy skies along with crystal clear water to see through its reef and all the properties that made me wander to have one right along these astonishing scenery for every single day of my future life.

kikiafd (79 of 99)

Unfortunately the pool in iceberg clubs was closed, no water inside but the waves still crashing on its edge and burst inside, which still as impressive! we walk along downhilled to the beach shore, to take a closer view with the sand and waves. until it comes to dinner hour and we take another bus ride to Kurtosh in Surry Hills. A heaven for unique rolled cakes with its sugar and cinnamon spread, and many other variants of cake as we tried pistachios for the topppings. Little did i know, Surry hills is known for its stylish cultural and cafe neighbourhood, ok no wonder why we went there.

Day 4 – Wollongong, New South Wales.

Catching another morning train ride in order to have a whole day for today’s long journey. Until we arrived in station in Wollongong and walk for 15 minutes to a place where we rent the car. We rent car because its much more convenience to drive than using public transport to go back and forth in Wollongong, if you check the maps on where did i go around here, you will understand. From here, we then go to Sea Cliff Bridge, in my surprise i have no idea which spot is actually the tourist spot BUT as we finally park and walk back, we found this one pool on the edge of the beach, AS IMPRESSIVE AS BONDI ICEBERG’S POOLS. hahaha i can’t hold my excitement. I always love to get this kind of surprise, when we don’t plan at all to go here, but we found these exotic scenery!

kikiafd (28 of 30)

Chilling on the edge of the shoreline, laying down there, looking around, and have our lunch under the trees and see breeze. Another winding down that we exactly need.

we don’t go to many places but, we spend and took most of our time to enjoy these surroundings and rejuvenate our brains that once were burnt! we then drive to Kiama Blowhole for about one and a half hour from the Sea Cliff Bridge. The name Kiama has long been translated as ‘where the sea making a noise’, as when you arrived there you hear the sound a hard wave crashing through the cliff and its own blowhole through the burst of waves inside. if you lucky, or wait a whole day enough, you can see the high blowed sea water  from the hole cliff, in which literal of its name.

as from here, i just realised, that most of Australian landscape is consist of rocks, as i went to blue mountain and here where i was in Wollongong. But these Australian scenery give introduced me to a new kind of landscape in which i have not expected before. and we go back to town, and i took the chance to finally driving for the first time in Australia, which was so YAY! — for me, for this long, driving is one of many of my stress released, don’t get me wrong.

kikiafd (96 of 99)

Day 5 – Spending Final day around City

Because we have our flight this evening, no far places was goes into our itinerary for this day. Thus we only hop around places in city that we haven’t yet visit. We go have a carbs breakfast and fulfilling my caffeine intake in Bourke Street Bakery, and impulsively went to Museum of Contemporary Art of Sydney with an ache whole body muscles in effect of non-stop walking and travelling, but still enjoy it! having lunch in Medan Ciak –for the god sake it was my first time eating Indonesian foods in Australia for having absence from these kind of cuisine in the past six months. I catching my self up with Rice, Rendang and Teh Kotak, can’t tell you how heaven it was for me. and walk to Queen Victoria Building, before we finally take our luggage in central railway Sydney’s Luggage storage.



Fact Sheet;

Opal Card

Unlike Melbourne, transportation in Sydney will use Opal Card that can be tap for Train, Rail, Bus, even Ferry! in a day, maximum amount of money will be deduct is around AUD 16 and for a week AUD 50-ish, after you exceed that amount, your trip is free! (per July 2019) (or it will cost you half price). Another things in mind, opal card usually charge you depend on how much and far you travel, again unlike Melbourne, that has single fare for all trip. You can buy Opal Card in Train station in the airport! and my first Top-Up is AUD 40.

Luggage Storage

We store our belongings in Central Station, it calculated per bag and i could say it safety because it was handled in person! it was like a small office, that will handle your belonging.

Driving in Sydney, well Wollongong i mean.

Driving is my stress released and relieved, when driving i can focus on the pathway while my mind wandering around in everything that happen in life, a reflective positive moment that i couldn’t have while not driving. Its not that difficult to drive overseas, as before i came to Australia, i have made my own International Driving License. If you were come from the same country as mine, it took no more than couple hours to make as long as you have all the required documents. super easy and worth to make. — plus just in case i have urgent needs and have to drive overseas.



Things To-Do;

  • Sydney First Market
  • Darling Harbour; Take the cruise, take the longer cruise is better!
  • Belgian Ice Cream!
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Strolling and sunset at Royal Botanical Garden plus The Calyx
  • The Ground of Alexandria
  • The Three Sister
  • Scenic View Blue Mountain
  • Paramatta – Winter Night
  • Opera House in the Morning is so emptyy!
  • Celsius Coffee!
  • Luna Park Sydney
  • Lavender Bay
  • Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
  • Bondi Iceberg
  • The Kurtosh Bakery!
  • Wollongong! Sea Cliff Bridge
  • Wollongong! Strolling on its shoreline
  • Wollongong! Kiama Blowhole
  • Bourke Street Bakery
  • Museum of Contemporary Art of Sydney
  • For the sake of Indonesian Food, i eat the recommended Medan Ciak!
  • Queen Victoria Building.
  • and bye back to airport </3



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