Europe Travel Stories; Barcelona day Two, Tips and Things To-Do!

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I just realised how hard it is to keeping on track of these travelling updates when you have consecutive places in a short gap. You were busy on planning itinerary, planning concept for photo and looks, then going to organize all the documents and paperwork back and forth for your visa, transport and accomodation, finally executing all these plan, taking picture of you, building, landscapes and you name it, taking videos for your phone and stories, and you finally on your last vacation day, flying back home while sorting organizing photo and edit them, start getting the number of impression you want, and you need to do the plan for your next trip all over again from planning itinerary, paperwork and concept.. and the truth is, i did it all my self.. and i wasn’t able to spend my energy on writing my travelling stories here. Here is the reason why my Europe stories is in delay for many months! Europe, exam, China, Aussie and getting into a new life that was on my prioritize. But here i am!

i would really love to write a stories, but it take me more time and only God knows when can i finish that if i write it in a form of stories.. So, i might just going back to the normal way on how i share my travel to-do List! The last drop in Spain was in Spain, Barcelona!

The next morning, it was cold.. and again, it was gloomy but good rain hasn’t come yet.. so, we decided to get up early to go to Park Guell.. Park guell is the most famous spot in Barcelona, and without questions by any seconds we were late there will be bunch of people have had hanging around in a 45 acre Gaudi’s masterpiece. The ticket can be purchase on the spot, and on early morning the ticket office still free from queue. Later at that morning, i walk up through the mozaic-tiles stairs that couldn’t be separated with Park Guell persona, and yet just less than 30 minutes being there, the rain pour heavily, in which time all the visitor and I need to open up our umbrella to move into one places to the other.

Park Guell, based on history is one of Gaudi’s masterpiece inspired by a new structural solution in a form analysis of geometry, and yet become his own home for a few years back. The location is pretty scenic, in the high land top of the hill facing the barcelonetta sea in just few Km’s ahead as it was designed to bring the peace and calm. The building structure is quire peculiar, as we can see on flanking pinnecles on the entrance, and Gaudi’s touch in all over the place with his color and mozaic and other parts in which structures echoing its natural surroundings.

Many people starting to be there eventhough in the middle of the rain, all the tourists and people who did prewed photo are gathered and making a queue to witness and have a memories with the famous Park Guell in the main terrace upstairs. No wonder, it all looks good.. I spend more than three to four hours to finally wait the sunshine comes up, and ready to start my journey on photo taking around Park Guell!

It was a sunny day, finally, and definitely a fine day to stroll for another extent in what this Park has to offer.. we walk there throughout all the huge corner in the midle of trees and unique building stone and structure and continue back to city to grab some lunch.

We took bus both to and from Park Guell toward the city, and stop in the next of Gaudi Masterpiece. Remember on the picture of a never-ending church construction? Here was the place! La Sagrada Familia is large unfinished roman catholic church design by Gaudi and now has been listed as UNESCO Heritage. It was also described as the most extraordinary personal interpretation of Gothic Architecture since the middle ages. and again, a lot of crowds back there but the weather is nice so its all a fair enough!

There are so many restaurants in along way toward Sagrada Familia, just another decision which dishes to eat for lunch and we ended up eating Italian food in the middle of Spain Fine Weather. and plus, some Tapas for Siesta!

Barcelona is a completely awe city planning design if its picture is takin from above, all the boxes is lined up as it is its city main building and roads.. that you gotta imagine yourself, or found a picture of it thats what i am talking!

i only spent two days in Barcelona, in which first day you can see here on this post. and the rest of the day, i walk through paseo de Garcia, a shopping and branded complex in Barcelona and go to Camp Nou of Barcelona FC! Before finally headed back to the hotel, taking up all the lugagge and move to another day and another city!

Fact Sheet;

Lyon, France to Barcelona, Spain

if you look on the maps my path from Paris to Lyon is going downward, which make me a way closer to the border of Spain, where Barcelona is located. In order to maximizing my time-travel, i ride an overnight bus from Lyon to Barcelona. I depart around 10pm and arrive early morning in Barcelona, and the journey start there! ps. all train and bus ticket i purchase through trainline website, by that time i was (and still am) under 25 and got ticket concession!

From Barcelona to Madrid

Maximizing the time i had in Europe is my another priority, so i took another overnight bus and arrive in Madrid next early morning! 🙂


it mighht be not practical, but once its raining and you need it the most, it will be there! i bring my folded umbrella, because if you buy umbrella just when it rains over there, you might end up with unfolded and huge and much even more unpractical umbrella! so, check the weather forecast before you go and make sure in each day how the weather will goes!


Things To-Do;

  • Barcelona Cathedral
  • Gothic Quarter
  • Musee de Picasso
  • Bakery and Cake around Gothic Quarter!
  • St. Maria del Mar
  • Barcelonetta Beach
  • Park Guell
  • La Sagrada Familia
  • El Born Barcelona
  • Macba Museum
  • Paseo de Garcia
  • Camp Nou!


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