Europe Travel Stories; Barcelona, the combination of Heritage and Urban Culture.

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It was a time when I walk down from an overnight journey from Lyon to Barcelona. I arrive there in Barcelona Nord in the early morning when the skies is going to change its color, from the ash dark to the calm and light bright. I walk up heading to my hotel just one KM’s away while pulling my baggage in my right hand, and try to open the umbrella on the left hand.


This morning, Barcelona is poured by rain that only last for minutes.


I like it to be here, I like it to walk around European countries, I like it how easy you move to every single countries within hours, to see the similarities yet differences in a small details. And For me, Barcelona is beautiful, with its old catalunya building influenced by gothic time span from its historical frame,  and from there I direct myself to the infamous historical area, Gothic Quarter.

Its been bright, and a beautiful sunshine were cover half of the cities, yet some of areas is still raining and I still have to hold my umbrella while walking to Gothic Quarter. However, I was stopped by a beautiful building, as pretty as It might seems shimmered by sunshine amongst the cloud covering the surrounding area.

I was just thought, that I finally arrive at Gothic Quarter, just because I was hypnotized by its beauty. Just because mother nature coincidently pour the light only to this building, while the other were covered by cloud. It just beautiful, to see the bricks from the building that stand tall gracefully. I thought, I just thought it was Gothic Quarter. But crap, im wrong.

It was actually Cathedral of Barcelona, and I was glad I found it in the same way I walk toward Gothic Quarter, and because I have no idea to put this place on my plan. But this building is just beautiful.

I continue to walk toward Gothic Quarter, where the crowds are, that i could see from a far. On its prehistoric roman reign, that will bring you back in time on the old yet glorious phase of a time frame. People walking toward, through and passing the alley where there is an iconic bishop bridge, Pont del Bisbe. wether people wait for their turn to be captured, or all those who stand there to observe its beauty and its history.

Barcelona is a different kind of beautiful, or maybe i can see and say that Barcelona is unique. I just, like it there, how can i see these city can combine their cultural heritage together with its strength to perform as a metropolis city, that i can tell you later here..

kikiafd (15 of 33)-2

Later at that time, i finished spend my time on Gothic Quarter, particularly around Pont del Bisbe and exploring all the labirinth alley, still, around Gothic Quarter. I was found it peaceful, i left the crowd at those iconic alleyway, and move forward to see what they have around. It was an after rain moment, which i can feel my peace and joy by walking through the alley as i play hide and seek with after-rain sunshine. On these surrounding, all the building will be ssen like these. The bricks, ruins, and those old impression from the past that still left here.

In the way walk, im heading to my next place, Musee de Picaso. and, here is i tell you, on the beauty of not always following what Google Maps said. I was told to walk through the main road, where the people, cars and everything going and pass through. and instead, i choose these alley, that as long as i walk forward, i know i will still arrive there. Yet, the luck is in my hand, that i found a beautiful alley with a lot of stars hanging on the wired steels up above between each alley.

I always love it to see my self got a little surprise from all the unplanned and unexpected things. Like today cathedral and this alley. i was also surrounded by local artisan store that pleasing my eyes as i capturing my self around these stars. oh, and i remember these phrase “Shoots for the moon, even if you missed. you’ll land among the stars”. and maybe thats what i was there for.

However, unfortunately, i don’t manage to get in to Musee de Picaso, as that time is so much people there, it so crowded and the queue is super long and i only have so little time to be here. so i decided to step back and continue to be amazed what this city has to offer.

I still around these Heritage area, where im heading to St. Maria del Mar. but i passed a lot of cute shops, sells donuts, bread, dessert, tea and all the pretiest things that nice if i could have it all. So i stop by, bought some croissant on the nice weather of Barcelona right few metres away from St Maria del Mar Church. Sitting right beside its building, again, enjoying the warm fuzzy weather of Barcelona. St. Maria del Mar is beautiful, no, im not gotta tired to say beautiful thousand times, because if you see it, if you feel it, and if you understand it, it just pretty, the old pretty that touch your awe.

My day in barcelona goes in peace. where its been mid day and i finally move out, to Barcelonetta Beach. I walk there, to witness how can the differences be seen only in afew steps, a unique differences. If Gothic Quarter is kind of cultural historic of roman heritage, then in a few steps forward you can go back to your present day. To see people commute driving the road, all the cafes and coffee. People and its laugh. To see the houses and elderly. Those Young people with their groups of friends.  I walk following the shore line, see yachts and cruises and finally arrive at the Barceloneta Beach.

My impression is not as amaze as my Gothic Quarter experience, yet, it is so nice to just sit there and chill. To experience the breeze of sea, while its not far from the city.  a girl come over me, she walks by her self, and ask us wether we can help her to take her some picture, and i’ll definitely say yes. i ask her some of question, just in curiosity, that she was backpacking for 30-(or)-60 days, by herself, come all along from Brazil, South America. and that day, Barcelona is her last destination. I always amaze how people did a solo-trip, and this girl did that for months, its kinda inspired me, just maybe one day.

This is how my Barcelona day One goes. I’d really like to write more, but my current life requires me to go back to reality..

right after, i go back to my hotel, i plan it for having a rest after an overnight ride from Lyon to Barcelona. and i like it there, and will continue my Barcelona day two sooner! including the tips, where to go, fact sheet and other Galeries!


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