Hi, how are you?; A story of few questions.

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Hi Bey


Can i ask?”

Yea what?

How are you?”

I was curious; have you ever on the point when you really want to know how a person up to, but you just scared about all the possible things that can happen? Especially for one particular person that ever crossed the significant part of your life?

You just too scared for couldn’t control your self for not letting your own self attached in the good memories. Or too scared that you can be frikin cruel. Or even too scared for remember all the embarrassing and stupid things that ever happen.

But, things was went by and you just healed so much. and everything that happen now is perfectly fine, For you. When all these things once bothering you so much, but now its all ok and you no longer have things to worry. You got all the peace within you.

But you want to ask them.. for so long not knowing what they are up to? Are they were good. Or did they need things that you can help? Or even one word that you can explain to relief some weight on their chest? But doesn’t we always wish they were good? in their happiest state as they could be.

You were fearless. But you couldn’t take the dare for involving your emotions with people. A simple Hi, sometimes indeed, can lead to many possibilities..

But, have you ever ,with no other reason, just really want to know how a person up to?

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