Travel Guide; On My Seoul Stories! (Part Two)

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——————–15 Minutes on a Chill-Reading.——————–

Before starting on Seoul Stories Part Two, better Read my day One and Two Seoul Stories First, Here!

I can’t lie, four days in Seoul is not enough.. Too many places I need to see, I need to visit, I need to feel.

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Heading to the Bus that will transport us to Nami Island. It’s earlier in the morning, another day to catch our excitement to explore new places.  The third and Fourth day was the most happiest day, event hough it’s getting closer to the day we were need to leave, but these whole two day was the sunny-est than ever!

Going for about two hour through the high way, seeing different side of Seoul, apparently in a way much calmer condition since we could enjoy all of this through our seater. It just feels so good, I simply love these lovely weather. On the Notes, We also have booked all the package from Seoul to Nami Island; From the Bus for return Trip, Jet Ferry because Nami Island is located in the middle of North Han River, as well as the entrance ticket all booked from Nami Island is located in the middle of river, and shaped as tiny half moon consisted a lot of attraction such as a flower fields, Arcade Arena, yet as my favourite is the ground of thousands high tall trees standing on each other.

I spend almost a day to be here, right after i enjoy my Pan Fried Rice Cake and their Ice cream, in addition as it huge as it could be, this island also was the place for the famous “Winter Sonata” movies, one kind of South Korean TV Series. Hence if you walk by following the sign, you’ll find them right after by noticing a lovely gold metalic couple statue hugging each other. And continue to walk following the line of Tiny Half-Moon shaped Island.

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I see the leaves has turned its color to red, even though by the time I was there its not even spring nor summer. A lot of people also go there, both tourist and locals. Those who want to spend their time with their loveliest family, those who want to make their kids happy, and those who go there celebrating the time with their newly wed partner. It takes a whole day to stroll all the Nami Island, for its Riverside walking, Water Sport, Museum or even the speciality foods that located in the center of Nami Island. It was worthiest day to visit.

It’s quite hard to recall all the details on my Seoul Trip as I write this after my Europe Stories,  and all my memories was overwritten by the recent trip :p

Later on that day, we moving back to Seoul off from the Bus which we ride back. Namdaemun, not far from Insa-Dong also have a lot of foods, and ends up eat more of Bibimbap which I can’t live without. Go just cheking shinsagae, and Go Back to Myeongdong for all the good street foods.

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This time, as I have prepared my glasses, my soft lenses works well and I don’t feel hurts as the first day. This night where I could see the real Myeongdongs clearly and see each street foods with so much temptation. I eat cake, drink their Sikhye, and my Octopus Skewer! I Was too happyyyy!


However.. The day finally came.

When I couldn’t believe right on this evening we should have go back to Home.. It’s also the day where I have rearrange my Hanbok appointment. YAAAAS. I always feel excited for being able to feel the culture in person, and by wearing Hanbok, I could be the local as instant and easiest as possible. And still, the day when I feel all the happiest and sad at the same time. For the Last day and strolling like a local.

So we go back To One Day Hanbok, that we have book in advance through, and confirm ourselves to their person in charge. We put all of our belongings in the basket that has been provided by them, pay some deposits and leave our passport. We have given the opportunitiy to choose two Hanbok and only allowed to change the decisions two times. As I choose the black and Red Hanbok colored and readily to strolling the old Seoul Neighborhood like an old princess~

The first neighborhood is Bukchon Hanok Village. It’s a beautiful old town of Seoul, which has been famous for the tourist. Unfortunately, as the time we came there, most of villagers hase been had enough with all the tourist and they made a huge banner written to let the tourist know to keep quiet and respect all the villagers more. Not to littering and be mindful with its surrounded. I still go through their alley of Bukchon Hanok Village, and keep my voices down.

A lot of things that we can do in Bukchon Hanok Village other than sight seeing. We can try to have a good of Hot-Pot Tea Experience. Or go to their indie-store. I agree, Bukchon Hanok Village also The best place to learn about the history of Korean in Nature, I love to enjoy one cultural architecture the most, and I could see how the detail of their exterior tell me what kind of Korean’s culture are. How the color its represent, the chosen material for each function and the details that hide so much stories that need to be retell.

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The walks continue to Gyeongbokgung Palace, with the graceful Hanbok that I wear. Gyeongbokgung Palace was built in 1395 of theJoseon Dynasty and becoming the main royal palace surrounded by several palace around. It was a different side of life, where you mostly see concrete building but here you see a grand magnificent palace, all the huge main palace, garden and functional areas. I can’t imagine how can a person live in huge place like this.

The culture is still there, some of traditional houses and interior were displayed there and the exact time where the guard of Main entrance changes. The ceremony is still there.

We feels like cinderella in Korean version, because we only rent our Hanbok for 3 hours and need to return the costume. We also need to checked out from our apartment. But we’re so hungry and decided to go to Gwangjang Market for the las time. having my lovely Bibimbap.

Too sad to leaving Seoul too early. There is still a lot of places i want to visit, i want to feel, i want to experience.. Too many beautiful things a haven’t witness, and i know for sure i need to go back there soon!


Day and Budget Spent

I was in Seoul for 4 Days, roughly for all the expenses i spend for IDR 8.000K / USD 550 for flight, Accomodation, Transportation, Things To Do and Foods all was covered.

Food Price in Seoul

In gwangjang it self, price for most of the main dish such as Bibimbap is KRW 5000, IDR 50K or USD 5, they only accept cash on their KRW Currency. Please bring your own cash. For snacks around Myeongdong you can have it around KRW 1500-3000 and all the tummyes is fullfilled~

My Apartment Location

My apartment was located in the middle of Dongdaemun, 200m away from DDP – Dongdaemun Design Plaza, yet unfortunately even though its closest i don’t make it there.. Since i have a lot of things to do. This is why i need to go back. I book my apartment Through Airbnb, that i will share later in my blogpost.


If i dont use Bus, i use MRT. We bought the T-Money card from Seven Eleven in the Airport.

I use to book most of the things in Seoul

Luckily, shasmy found so here is what i book through them; Return Trip AREX Train from Airport to Seoul, Namsan Tower, One Day Rent Hanbok and the whole package for Nami Island.

Pay attention to Weather Forecast.

I actually have been checking the temperature on Seoul by the time on my arrival, yet i didn’t go through it on every single day. As i got the whole day rain and some of sun shine in seoul.

Researching Itineraries

To make my self more mentally prepared and getting ready for post and pose, i did some research for the surrounding of each places i visited wether from Instagram or Google images.

Things To Do;

  • Gwangjang Market
  • Dongdaemun Design Plaza
  • Namsan Park and Seoul Tower
  • Pink Pool Cafee
  • Stroll Myeongdong
  • Cheonggyeocheon Stream
  • Gyongbokgung Palace
  • Bukchon Hanok Village
  • Insa-Dong
  • Dongdaemun Shopping Street
  • Nami Island
  • Namdaemun
  • Hongdae Area
  • Garosu Gil for Fancy Shops!
  • Common Ground for its Hypeee.


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From K, with ❤

©Rizky Afdolina.

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