Europe Travel Stories; Paris and my attempt to be Parisienne.

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Well, i’ve been considerably thinking, that i will use all of my blogpost in english. Even for the Travel post and review that i always used in Bahasa Indonesia. So, if you happen to be someone who doesn’t speak english, please refer to the corner right on your search tab, you will most likely found a ‘translate’ option there. Im sure it will help you, and still have the same point with what im posted here! 🙂 or you can simply check my instagram for all the places i was going to, click here. and, If you’re type of person who is not into reading, you may skip the stories and go straight to the end section for The Fact Sheet and To-Do List. I hope you enjoy it ❤


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“The most beautiful city on earth, the most live able cities for all the people out there. Paris has always been pull us for its charm. and finally, the long awaited month is finally here <3”


My plane was landed, seven in the morning, with the loveliest cotton candy as their ‘welcoming atmosphere’. In the airplane, right before i get off, i exchanged my sim card that i bought a few months earlier before my Seoul Trip, AirSim. I knew this from one of Influencer in Indonesia who share her experience using this simcard while travelling overseas. Turned my phone On, and just ready to do all of our plan in Paris.

I ask my Airbnb Host for an early check-in and was allowed to check in at 10 am. In the meantime, i did change my dress and wash up at the airport. yes, you read it right. Used RER-B from Charles de Gaule to Gare du Nord, which happened only 500m away from my apartment.

Some-hassle but acceptable. all that I know, I finally made it.

I pull my baggage, crossing the street toward my apartment, seeing all the beauty through the neighbourhood. Im getting known another culture in person! Too bad i couldn’t make it to meet my host yet i couldn’t wait to lay straight on the bed, enjoying the moods of Parisienne. If only i could.

The schedule was super-tight. I only can break for breath. plus the daylight that was shorter on autumn. I was running with my plan and rushing to some store that only open until six or seven. What are you really going to do if you don’t splurge for nice things in Paris? ;p

Straight from the Apartment, while the plan is only for storing all of our luggage. I walk to the nearest metro station, fifty meters away, and heading to ‘Muse de Louvre station’ on the ticket machine’s option. I wasn’t understand how their ticket machine operates, until one coloured man approaching and kindly offer to help me. The truth, i wasn’t sure to ask for help.. because i do my research, a lot of scams happen in Paris. But this time, i break this stereotype. and insert my EUR 1,5 coins per person.

Just because i go to it’s station doesn’t mean i go to the place it was stated. I aim for Palais Royal, that located not far from Musee de Louvre. Looking back and forth on the maps on my phone and the street where i’m heading. Finally, these famous black-and-white  statue. Paris will going to be out-and-around-and-about. Since i finally know how to do these-(my)-things, these-(my)platform, these-(my)-effort and these-(my)-dedication, i will bring you around and you will see why.

Les Deux Pleutaux, Palais Royal is my first stop in Paris, in purpose to shoot me with the short-long standing statue for the next day contents. and for warming up on how i want all my contents to look like and make what has been perceived in my mind happened. Yet, if you were here looking for to do list, you might still gotta go here because there is still a lot to explore at Palais Royal. It was a former royal palace, that become must visited place in Paris, and worth to experience on what all the Paris corner looks like, and feel it.

I cant lie that i love it. On our first day, with the cold autumn temperature, i found my sunshine. An actual sunshine. I just sat on one of their black and white statue, while the sunshine swept the cloud out of me, the warm autumn feeling in Paris. No one will not love it. not long after, i look around, saw people who did their tour, shoot for photos, running errands on the lowest statue, seeing the sight, and those who wrapped their food and had lunch with their friends right around few of these statue. It was a life that anyone always ask for. This simple life to indulge the moment.

I walk out from Palais Royal, see too many chocolate store around that i promise soon after i felt i deserve it, im going to have it. it was day one, too many things that i should not missed. On how i mobilize between one places to another in Paris; wether i used Metro or i walk. I’m actually prefer to walk, which i will told you on the fact sheet at the end of my stories.

So, we have these alley, where most of the blogger and influencer pose the spot. it was good spot and everyone’s favourite because not too many people knew these, so you won’t see any crowd here. another good things, that you’ll enjoy the iron lady by seeing it closer yet how the Eiffel Tower should have always been enjoyed. Combined with all the building, cobbled stone, and people with their routines. You’ll be here, indulge and observe like local.

The brown leaves falls on the floor, along the way while i was headed to Palais Chaillot crossing the river seine above the Pont d’lena’s Bridge. People will mostly go to Palais Chailot for a full and better perspective from the Iron Lady, but me here, bought the sandwich on the food stall down there, looking for a clean grass to sat on to, put all our bag off, and have a quick lunch with a view. I just, couldn’t believe what i’m going to ask for more. This is my simple perfection.

I just never not having some ‘chilling-time’ on places i go. As this is the most personal to-do list, to make me feel the surroundings. and continue to walk, heading west, to Arc de Triumph.

While walking, you can see a lot of things to be understood. How one cities differ from other, how is it even differ as a country, how it became the most well known. Through its people, through its building, through all the car that parked, through some maintenance worker, the storefront, cafes and all the things that crossed in your eyes. What differences to notice, and what the same things to notice.

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One more crossing to finally reach the roundabout. Arc de Triomphe is the most famous monument in Paris, and without doubt, you will see a lot of visitor to adore this monument either from afar or closer, even those who put their effort for waiting in line, to pose their moment with arc de Triomphe in between the middle of the street and traffic light. Not few who also sitting on the bench enjoying the view, or people who had been tired enough and sit on the fences. Who walks, who bikes, those who cross the street, those who standing still. All people here relishing their time.

It was 5pm, and again, i need to move to the next place on my plan. I have said it earlier, shops here, close at 7pm, we only have few hours left to explore all the beautiful stuff around Place Vendome. Can anyone agree with me, this is heaven for us. Around place vendome, you can see numbers of luxurious and high-end shops, start from designer boutique, brands, hotels and cafes. While i was on one of the store, i heard a huge noises from outside, i thought of people who yelled, whether for a fight or hurts cause. It was frightening and took more than ten minutes.

i was curious, and check outside to see what was actually happened.

What i saw is a puppy, bleeding on the pedestrian walk, with its owner crying. It was bitten by a bigger dog, which has been retained immediately into a car right on a couple meters away from the puppy. It was still frightening and sad at the same time, to see that tiny dog groaning in pain..

The skies getting dark and i need to move on to the next place. i was around here this morning. Musee de Louvre Area. we haven’t have our proper lunch and going a little bit in hunger because the skies is getting dark. We were in Paris, yet, we’re end up eating Chinesse Food. Just an Asian, being an Asian. Decided to get in after the long contemplation and choosing menu on the front door since i have some food restrictions. Hangrily, we eat there in peace.

My first day in Paris was on Friday, at this exact time, Musee de Louvre is open until 9.30 pm on Thursday and Friday and for every hours after 6pm, it’s free for those whose age below 26. Lucky me. I walked toward the pretty glass building, with its luminous light from the huge lamp in the middle of pyramid. i was trying to queue, yet there is no line at all, and i just get in without waiting for any minutes.

Musee de Louvre is huge, it was a home for the France’s King yet The Royal choose to move to Palace of Versailles and left the Louvre for the place to display household collection and convert its nowadays function to display nation’s masterpiece. The good things, whenever anyone come at night hour there will be no crowd here, leaving me walking through all the rooms, floor and their collection in peace. The paintings, sculpture, belongings, and all the chateau medieval interior is there. Some standing freely spread through the middle of the rooms, some hanging on the wall even for carpets, some standing still in the corner making a group of which reigns belong to those properties, and even while heading up to the ceiling, all that we can see is their paintings with an amazing details.

The day getting later, and it was a startling Paris day one.. I go back to my apartment, and finally bumped my self on a fluffy white linen bed. Snuggling my self inside the blanket, to warm this self from a cold Paris autumn’s temperature. and rest my self for next day’s schedule.

Day 2, Paris – France. 

My phone’s alarm just ringing for minutes, as i was tempted to hit snooze button. But i wasn’t. We still have a lot of things to catch. i move my feet to the vinyl wooden floor, heading to the window right in front of me and saw that the sun haven’t there yet. It was five in the morning, and we’re getting ready for our Paris – Day 2.

Different from my hometown, while i can see skies getting brighter at the hour while i woke up in Paris. The first spot that i drop in was Palais Chaillot, and again, to have better perspective of The Lady Iron, Eiffel Tower. It was a mesmerizing sunrise i have seen. Nothing that i couldn’t fond of from these sunrise back dropping the lady, with few dove joined these alluring moment.

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

On this beautiful morning, few people also joined me to memorize this moment. Those who sat by and enjoy the view, those who laugh happily to their selfie sticks, and also those who doing their pre-wedding session. Oh god these people, all of them is beautiful, as beautiful as the sunrise they have watched that day.

In the same morning, i also walk one and a half kilometres away to the west, back on the place i have been there yesterday, Arc De Triomphe. What differ is, this time i dare my self to get in line with those who queue in between the main road and traffic light. turned out its not embarrassing after all. And the outcome is worth the queue.


Couple of hour spent, witnessing the morning golden hour as well as the sun moving up to the sky. For all the light kisses the head of building, waking them up to do their works, to captivate people who walk around and pass by. At this hour i get closer to Arc De Trioumphe’s area, too bad it haven’t opened yet since i was there in early morning. But this monument has the most beautiful details once we look closer and around. Then decided to cross by and get inside the Metro.

Nothing beats my another local experience without visiting their market, some market in Paris doesn’t open everyday and all i have did is checking which opened market on that day, and not quite far from the places i need to go. Marche de Batignoles, where i can see all the fresh foods, fruits, veggies and even flowers. Bought some falafel, croquetes and the other snacks which i dont recall their names. and sat by on the table across flower shops. Biting each falafel in curiosity, and taste each foods wondering wether i gotta consider it good or not going to like it. But what’s the simplest thing to do if you’re not going for their street foods or snacks? It was worth to give a try.

Walking around Galeries Vivienne, and go straight back to Palais Royal. I have said to you, my Paris is all about going around places. This time, i enjoy Palais Royal’s Garden, sipping my hot latte that i bought in Cafe Kitsune. Yet, the shop was too small with its crowd that make it feels a bit cramped. I was intended to bought some stuff, but turned my self out once i got my coffee and matcha.

I always love to met people who go to places for taking photos, and particularly those who aim for contents. I feel like i was surrounded by people who understand the effort we put and things that we did for our works. and mindfully did our shoot without disturbing the other customer. Not few the people who came there to have a coffee, catching up with their friends talking about few years ahead’s plans. Aspiring to get inspired, and share their wish for their life. Not to mean over hearing, yet since i sat less than a meter away, i could hear some of the conversation.

On the terrace, under the sunshade on each table i put my trays and sit there. Did some shoots and watching people whirling around the Garden of Palais royal. Waiting a few more minutes for my hot latte, help to add sugar on the matcha, sit back right after and relax sipping my Latte.

Apparently, it took me an hour from queuing for the drinks until i back to stand up and moving to the next place.

Crossing Musee de Louvre, heading to Tulleries Garden. It’s been two days and always cold in each day, but the skies was clear, all the blue skies painted with few clouds hanging. The sun shimmered most of area’s i saw back then, and i couldn’t missed to make my self warm under these circumstances. As simple as bought couple of sandwiches, water and cokes. Spread my cream coloured scarf and laying on the garden that i found right across Musee de Louvre. I Sat there, with a cup of leftover coffee that i brought from Cafe Kitsune, and saw across in distance, i can see Eiffel Tower from here.

Thus, i promised my self that i will go back. Not just for three days, but longer to make me have more time to explore and enjoy all the things here.

Jardin des Tuileries if its on their languages, is a neat block shaped trees which stand in all over the garden forming the aisle for people to stroll and see each corner with leaves, which were fallen in Autumn. As most of their habit, people also go there for having lunch together, group bonding, and another who laugh with each other in the groups. People who sat by on the bench and wear bikinis for sunbathing, people who brought their books and read peacefully, and people like me who strolled around to understand the place and enjoy the view that i rarely seen in the place i live.

I prefer the Asian subway that i have been visited than Metro in Paris, yet not only for this reason, i also enjoy walking than take Metro. As if you see nothing but crowds of people and a bit uncomfortable inside the Metro. Unless it quite far, then im going by metro. Few kilometres away, i arrived in Galeries Lafayette, did look for things and go to Pink Mama right after.

I have been wishing i could be able to have my dinner at Pink Mama, yet unfortunately, the queue was extremely long, and one of their waitress said that those who waiting in line can go inside the restaurant in the next three hour, since all the table currently occupied. Its been dark, and i was tired enough for waiting another three hour, and tired enough to search which place should i explore more. Therefore, i choose to go back to the apartment and go first for their supermarket around pink mama. Bought some fruits, lemonade soda which i only found in Paris, and few snacks.

Day 3, Paris – France.

It much darker than yesterday and its seven twelve in the morning. I finally have my shoot around Louvre. Haven’t i told you? if its on the day, Musee de Louvre will be crowded, and as i arrive there people starts to queue while their opening time is at 9am. But good things, people who came there go straight on the queueing line, so i could have my session without much people on the background.

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It was also colder than yesterday, as i see the temperature it was much colder than what i have checked a week before. It should have been sunny, but the weather forecast said the day will be cloudy.

The moment i have done with my shoot and cherishing Musee de Louvre with no people on the early morning, i saw the queueing was getting longer and more people keeps coming. I walk by and smiling, feeling relief that i got there with no queue and free.

I should have been go to few more places on this day, but turn out the rain is coming and we forget to bring our umbrella. So we’re lucky to still have a chance to come to Cafe de Flore. Walking in Paris on the early morning is my kind of joy. I met few people who walks, few cars passing the street, and many of the other shops that haven’t opened. And finally, arrive at Cafe de Flore.

If i could be honest, i saw a lot of people go here. Turned out, its worth the hype. Cafe de Flore is one of the oldest coffee houses in Paris. It was the popular place for writers and philosophers, which nowadays popular for famous people to hang and chat. But i sat there outside, above their red and mahogany interior and some green coloured to balance the ambiance’s tone of Cafe de Flore.

I told the waitress for their speciality Hot Chocolate and couple of Butter Croissant, and never regret it. One hot chocolate with two cups of glass, plenty for two serving size in one order. The thick texture of the chocolate in each sips, the cocoa scents whenever i raise my glass, and the tastes of perfect hot chocolate in its flavor. It was a fine morning.

The weather wasn’t friendly on that day, right on the time i need to move to places, the rains drop, which make us decided to go back and pack for our next trip. I should’ve been go to Jardin de Luxembourg, Shakespeare Co and Notredame. Yet, even the wind blew so hard and i couldn’t move to the next plan. Until that afternoon, i finally arrive at Paris Gare du Lyon, and ready for my next journey to explore another city apart of Paris.

and indeed, Paris is a beautiful city everyone want to live to. It always be everyone dreams to see the iron lady. To live their best life without nothing to worry. To be the trully Parisienne who minds their own self and life. Be at their own peace, and see these view everyday for the entire of their life. and now, i’m off to Lyon..

(Cont. to my Lyon stories)


Fact Sheet;

CDG – Paris

You can go From Charles de Gaule to Paris either by Train or Bus depend on your nearest location of your Hotel. I use Train RER-B heading to Gare du Nord. It was a little bit confusing since i wasn’t familiar with their ticketing system and waste apx 30 minutes for getting the ticket. So here is why. On the automatic ticket machine you need to notice which machine you’re going to use because some of it only accept Credit Card, not Cash nor coins. If you happen for cash, search for the machines that accept Coins and Cash by see the cash/coins receiver beside the screen. Its quite easy when you found the right machine.

Gare du Nord

Gare du Nord is one of the biggest train station in Paris that served intercity service.

Check in Time

Most of the hotel i booked have 2pm check in Time. Probably most of hotel in Europe have the same checkin time at 2pm and check out at 11am.

Paris Metro Machine

Some of the ticket machine in metro has old and new machine, and if you get the old one you will use the machine with a steel roller to choose/direct your option from the screen. It’s EUR 1,5 for every trip. I dont understand about their zone, yet i only spend EUR 1,5 in every trip.

Why walk instead of Metro?

If i could be honest, i don’t really suitable with Parisian’s Metro. I got used to ride subway in Singapore, Japan, HK and Seoul —which is why i called it Asian Subway on my stories. And i think, i expect the same for western subway. Turn out, i was wrong.. Most of metro i rode back in Paris not as neat as asian. Include my thought that not all Parisienne use metro, particularly their middle higher class. Maybe thats what make Paris have some traffic.

I saw Louis Vuitton – Paris Fashion Week 18 Stage!

I come to Paris right a couple day when Paris Fashion Week finished. and when i walk around inside Musee de Louvre, i found the Louis Vuitton – PFW stage! Its still there 🙂

Walking at Night.

Be careful, and act as you don’t hear anything or don’t show if you feel disturbed, particularly at night. It actually safe. and i don’t have any of bad experience whenever walk by night. But, in some nearest metro station i found some people who talk loudly. Even those who i thought drunk. and one early morning, one drunk person yelled inside the metro. Its frightening. Never stare at them, it could be better if you walk away from them.

Go early morning.

You will thank your self for getting your self off the bed since early morning. It was such a worth thing to do to go on the places with no crowds and all the place is yours.

Things To Do;

  • Palais Royal
  • Tour Eiffel
  • Vertical Garden Wall
  • Palais Chaillot
  • Arc de Triumph
  • Place Vendome
  • Louvre at Night
  • Impulsive dinner~~
  • Marche de Batignoles
  • Galeries Vivienne
  • Cafe Kitsune
  • Tuleries Garden
  • Galeries Lafayette
  • YSL Musee
  • Seine River
  • Pink Mama
  • Cafe de Flore
  • Shakespeare.Co
  • Jardin du Luxembourg
  • Cafe de Flore
  • and Bye off to Lyonnn!



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