Tip of an Iceberg, on people expectation and how it could be here.

Sometimes, i want to neglect this feeling of being guilty.. no, am not doing anything wrong.. it just, its hard not to care what other people think of you..

Just because i seems got all the things that ‘seems all i want’, doesn’t mean i’m perfectly fit into everything.. i’m sorry to disappoint a lot of people, but no, i’m unfortunately not..

Its neither luck nor how smart i am. I might be good on something, but not everything… lm just diligently and religiously pursuing what i want, so once you see me, you just wondering how could a person like me got things that i gain..

But, you also need to know, that i rarely share all my plan with anyone, until its achieved.. and undoubtedly, i will never tell anyone if i was fail on things that i pursue. And yes, share my hard work on things that i get. But if you were provided with my failure statistics, which, better not..

Tip of an iceberg. Or if you ever see those phrase. What i gain, and what i own, is perfectly described by those phrase.. i’ve been through a lot. I’ve been fail a lot. So i still adore those company who only strives for the straight-A’s students, but I’m willing to lower my expectation, I couldn’t be that perfect students. Since I love to make mistakes, and i learn best from my failure..

On the other hand, i might also just good on seizing opportunities.. weighing which one i will passed. And which one im not, im being better on it after a lot of failure i have faced. So, its perfectly ok to lose what i couldn’t get, and this is the point, to focus on maximizing what you will passed, on what things that will support most to pass.

Here is what you should note. Im not that perfect, im not that perfectly smart. Im just diligently and religiously pursuing what i want. I learn best from my failure, and i will never stop to make a lot of mistake merely to learn new things. And im currently learn to focus on my priorities both for my life and everything that will coming ahead.

My life, still goes on. I still have a lot of plans. And the boat still sailing, and i never know where the wind will brought me. So, here i am.. appreciating all the moments i have, and all the things i own.. 🖤

From K, with ❤


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