How-To; What to wear on different temperature vacation!

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I have no idea that Seoul would be that cold, but i am fully aware on their current weather. So, what should i packed for a person who got used to on 23-28 C and need to go to 9-12 C weather?

First thing first.

No, this is not too much for inflight. I packed light, and i intended to wear this outer when i am in Seoul. Basically, i wear a black comfy jumper inside, and a loose wide leg pants. I make sure to keep my coat clean as im only gonna sit(and sleep) for the whole flight.

\Mid-Coat Nude – Zara; Black Jumper; Wide Legged Nude Pants; Aldo Shoes; Torry Burch Bag\

Day one! We haven’t sleep that much, you tell me if my face zo exhausted, but im terribly excited for (finally) arrived in Seoul!

Packed light. This Heat-tech from Uniqlo is super light like air and not even a space needed on my luggage. A, yes, legging, because i have no idea what to pair with snakers, on these cold days.

\Heat-Tech Black – Uniqlo; Sleveless Blazer; I wore Sweat Pants cs why not?!; White Sneakers – Converse; Torry Burch Bag\

Day Two! I should have been wear pink for Common Ground! But..

since it was raining, and we had to switch the whole day plan, ends up i wear my coat (yes, which i wore for my flight hehehehe, pack light!). Im not intended to wear this on a whole day. But, at least it helps my self on a 9c degrees weather. Windy and raining and what else???? I still (and always) love layering. I wore my navy dress, Coat and legging (again, this is unintentional, the weather insisted on me) plus these huge warm maroon scarf, it save my day :”)

\mid-coat – zara; long and this wide scarf – zara; Navy Midi Dress; Sweat Pants; White Sneakers – Converse; Rayban Sunglasses; Coach Sling Bag; Zoom in for my earings it is cute!\

Day Three! Wohoo Naminara on a Sunshine!

Weather forecast never got wrong. I love the Sun! I still wear coat, cs it still cold you guys! In this happy shinny day on naminara, i wear my coat, with a sleveless rose top, and black jeans and a flat shoes because it a Sunday Funday Shiny Day.


\This fancy earings was from H&M; Rayban Sunglasses; My real kind of Coat, Black – Zara; Sleveless Tie Top peach – Valentino; Black Deanim – Levi’s; Flatshoes – H&M; Torry Burch Bag; Inglot Nail Enamel; Fossil Wrist Watch.\

What a sad day, for getting on the last day..

Im actually wearing this rose jacket, cs it should have been Common Ground on the 4th day, but as what i have tell you a few, and will tell you later on my full Seoul Stories, I wear a rose jacket with off shoulder black top paired with super comfy for travel grey pants, which can be wear for any situation when its needed. Fyi. The 4th day was a lil bit in a rush and i couldnt be able to take any photos of this! (So yea this was taken once i got back to home)

|Off shoulders black Top – Local Brand; HM Earings; Soft Pink Jacket Mango; Aldo Slings Flat Shoes; Sling Bag Coach|

but the silver lining is, i wear Korean’s traditional clothes. A full day Hanbok experience! (ps. i rent this from on One Day Hanbook)


From K, with ❤

©Rizky Afdolina.

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