Staycation; On a Soul Searching and Catch Up With Solitude.

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That day, i was waiting for my train ride, a long night train ride that i, as usual, didn’t know will happen.. But i didn’t refuse, instead i was extremely excited for having my staycation journey as i plan on what i’m gonna do during my stay, that i want to enjoy every seconds of my stay, on every corner of where i am.

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To have different point of view, i would say. As i still on my taxi and look around every side of the road, once i got into Magelang. A few KM’s away from Yogyakarta, and still part of Central Java. Toward a green landscape to see the surroundings that differ greatly from your home. There were no traffic, only few cars that can be count by your fingers.

It was all nice and quiet, as you were brought to the feelings of calm and completely forgot the anxiety you just left behind. There were no buildings, only some places where every one stays and living place for locals. This is why i love to be away from the big cities.

I finally there, to sit back and wandering away as I was given a good treat to watch the sunset from the rooftop, on which the warm that you’ll feel immediately. I let my mind lose between where i am right now, on everything that i have been missed and fast forwar

d on what will, or should, happen next. You’ll see, sometimes i got drown on my own solitary.

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I was listening to a good slow Jazz. While, still drowning on a peaceful night with all the beautiful flame around me. They always said that a good hot bubble bath will cure you, and i think its true.

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Sometimes you will see how different i am while looking for my own soul. To reconnect my self, it was like a two best friends who catch up on each other, to release all the bothers and getting back the good things in life. Thanks to nature and a good morning breeze.

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Later, have i told you, that i never seen the well known temple in Indonesia? Yes, this is my first time getting my foot on Borobudur and Prambanan Temple. There is too many beauty that we dont realize. The datail, and its history just touched me. Good things, the sun is so much better that day, as how we want everything ends well.

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Soul searching is always a good thing to reflect what happen to you, and what you’ll planning to do in your life. and by this time, it feels so much better to finally recharge on my self.

From K, with<3


©Rizky Afdolina.

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