Every Woman Long-Term-Investment; SK II Treatment Essence and RNA Power.

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I never been more amazed than this, and i can’t lie to you that i love using SK II’s Treatment. From all of these whole packs, i actually only use the Facial Treatment Essence and the RNA Power (Radical New Age) Moisturizer, and uhm a lil bit of it’s free toner kit. And gotta let you know my experience from the other once i started to try them all.

It’s been two months, and this is how i feel, and obviously love SK II.



SK II Facial Treatment Essence

All of SK II’s products were made from Japan, if im not mistaken, and this SK II Facial Treatment Essence consist of 90% Pitera which is the most iconic products from the whole of SK II Package. Pitera is a natural yeast-fermentation that consist of a rich liquid containing amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and organic acids that can help to improve skin lucency, decrease wrinkleas and brighten dark spot. However, after two months of pampering my self, i honestly feel my skin way healthier than before and you can’t lie it when you feel it.



SK II Power Radical New Age Cream

For the records. skin aging is started in our twenty therefore i insist myself start to treat it as best as i could. SK II Power Radical New Age Cream packed with nourishing ingredients that help you to restore your skins hydration. Not only what it said as an anti-aging, i concult with the SK II’s Beauty Consultant on how i want to make my skin looks more glowing and she advice me to use this as it turned out, it did well on my skin than the revitalizing oil i have used before from another brand.

Overall, as what i mean by healthier is i feel my skin way clearer than before, it looks more glowing and (don’t you dare to try this!) there was a week when i forgot to wash off the make up and slept on it, i could easily recover my skins from any acne or skins fat. But it was only that week, that i promise i’ll never do that again. lol.

Anyway, just want to make sure, these packs, or each treatment is not helping you for whitening purpose, but it will help you for brightening and skin clearing as what i think most important to take care our own skin because it was such a long-term-self-investment, both for men and woman!

Oh and it is better for you to apply it twice a day actually, becuse this all are the result of me only apply it at night as what my morning routine were detailed on this post.


More on the packs:

SK II Radical New Age Essence, SK II Radical New Age Eye Cream.



PSSST! A cheat sheet on how i did my night Routine;

  • I clean my face from any dirt or make up using milk cleanser.
  • Wash it off with Kiehls Clearly Corrective Purifying Foaming Cleanser.
  • Dry it up and wipes my skin with Clinique Clarifying Exfoliating Toner No. 3
  • Apply SK II Facial Treatment Essence on a thin cotton.
  • Apply the amazing SK II RNA Power Cream. Good Lord!
  • plus, Macadamia Lip Balm for my lips.
  • plus, Hair Oil Treatment! for my hair.

©Rizky Afdolina.

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