Where To Stay – Review; Clio Bali Apartments & Mokko Suites Villas Bali

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Oh here we go again, Bali..

I always tell my self that im not going to any places more than once but Bali is my exception.

Let me tell you one secret why i choose Bali to re-begin my story with.. This year i decided to finally have a lot of Travel, again, yes because im currently waiting for my intake for early 2019, and i choose one thing im good at back on two years earlier. But here is the secret..

In 2017, i have no idea that i’ll get any scholarship, so i decided to have jobs and save as much money as i could including not to go anywhere in order to save that amount of money, because, any business and management school is quite expensive, and i need my own support for emergency purpose, including networking while i’ll abroad.

Two years earlier from now, 2016, was the time where i own the full control of my time where i impulsively travel to a lot of new places. I suddenly went to Bali, that i only thought it was my only trip that i did, and turn out it was all followed by Mecca and Japan. The only three trips that out of nowhere brought me to a moment that i’ll never forget. I became friends with a lot of important people, and when Brands started to approach me. It was a good old trip memories.. 

Later on few months, i need to get my real job and left all these travel stuff behind, and two years really change quickly. I thought i was good on this, but probably i was in a line which intersected where all the brands starting their journey and looking for a muse and also where people hadn’t go some where for instaworthy photos.. Travelling become undervalued, instead of soul searching and seeking for meaningful things, people are competing to take a lot of photos as possible, and sell it.. sorry to say, but that’s what happen..

So i thought, my 2018’s Bali Trips wasn’t quite meaningful as how i intended to go back as what i had back in 2016. But, i still gotta enjoy all of the rest of the trip i have, and maybe, instead of make it back as what i used to have in 2016 i’ll enjoy every bit of it, and share to you on my reflection on how joy it will is.


Bali, to restart my soul. As i always mention before, this is my chillcation on several particular areas i wanted to stroll, Seminyak undeniably.


Good things, i found one unique Hotel –which they call it apartment, on the heart of Seminyak! Yes, it was excatly what i need. A walk away from all the Seminyak Stores, Boutiques and Street. With an unique experience that almost differ a lot on what i usually love! Clio Bali brought an Earthy Element into a Room, and yes i want to try it on purpose!


Consistent with its concept, Clio Bali give all the moods on their atmosphere, the calm brown colored on the room walls as how to match its curtain and wood elements. On the floor while you might experience tiles or carpet in most hotel, but not once you enter the room on Clio Bali Apartment. The floor is made from full of gravel stone and all of the table and side boarded is stone crafted, which gave you full experience of earth.

Another good things, maybe because it is kinds of apartment, they provide you stove set complete with the kitchen tools as you can cook if you need to.

Im not good on taking photo at night! but here is some of sided that i’d be able to capture back then! enjoy wandering your self to stay at Clio Bali Apartment!

Oh plus, this is what you’ll see once you enter the main gate, isn’t it peaceful to go back to nature?



in Bali, as i intended to review many things as possible, inculding this one new Boutique Villas, i had a chance to stay at Mokko Suites Villlas around Umalas Area.

This is my kind of place to stay i love to stay, such as a boutique hotel yes, and i think Kitchen and Bath Tub are recently became my things. As a new established Boutique Villas, im not lying that I LOVE MOKKO SUITES VILLAS BALI THAT MUCH TILL I HAVE TO WRITE THIS IN CAPSLOCK. hehehe. Not only because as how cozy boutique hotel is, but it was more spacious than i expected!

Let me bring you back from the front office, where you’ll warmly greeted by their officers plus the welcome drink!


and the good fresh-ed eyes on their pools right across the front office!


The only turn off i had in mind for this room maybe, the head board accessories for the fish, i know maybe it was an art, but sorry Mokko, not Sorry… hehehe. But everything else is just amazing as you can see it here! The Bedding is perfectly well-defined as how comfortable once you bounce above there, with the multi faced TV Rotation that both can be rotate on the bed side, or the sofa’s side not to forget the worthy kitchen room right beside the couch! YES, THE WORTHY CS ITS MY THINGS NOW! hahaha.

Have it enough? No! we’re not done yet until you see how tempting their bathroom is! and again, bath tub is now my things. I couldn’t forget those time when i came home, yes i call it home! I made my tub ready wit full of warm bubble around me! it couldn’t be more perfect to have such a long tiring night with a bubble bath, that cure, almost everything!


Mokko Suites Villas is best for me! When i see their price list, this room is supper affordable compared to what you’ll got inside! The Bath Tub temptation with a garden view won’t make you any regret to enjoy your self here, in Mokko Suites Villas Bali.


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