Fourth Industrial Revolution; A Significant Digital Transformation Phase.

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“The world has change, we can never ever go back to yesterday” – Jack Ma.

For over than couple years I have heard how a lot of aspect had been shift, how we unrealized-ly experienced that something had change, we are no longer live in the world we used to, we are getting into a new phase of evolved world. A tiny part of daily life to the major issues of industries, from grabbing our phone in the morning to all the digitation of supply chain, just to name a few.

A phase where numerous things getting more complex, yet on the other hand all the complex things are more accessible. Fourth Industrial Revolution had changing our game to the next advance level, as part of ever changing Industries from Manual Labor to Mechanization, later turn to electrification and here where it currently end up on Digitalization. It is unavoidable, whether we want it or not.

So, what is Fourth Industrial Revolution consist of, and how it could changing us?

Many still argue regarding the exact definition and what are really affected by Fourth Industrial Revolution because its complexness and how fast and massive its changing a lot of things, yet one thing that we can rely on from several report that stated Fourth Industrial Revolution is an integration between physical and digital technologies, for instances analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive computing, and internet of things (IoT).

If we go back to centuries before, each of development takes generation to evolve but not for the fourth which is driven by extreme automation and extreme connectivity. As a little daily experience when we could access all over the world information in one hand or single click on the web to the automatization that create profitable advantages on efficiencies for many industries, particularly on operation and production plans. Never ever that we see that one car is moving without the driver, or a pilotless flying camera spread far above our head.

These rapid changing had now take more attention and questions on how it create value and impact and risk and challenges that many civilization need to face in order to survive.

Then, How to Survive these new era of technology?

The simplest thing that we can do as a citizen is to keep engage with the issues, as how we could have a better understanding on how to adapt our skill and capabilities and how far these technology had evolved. There is no way for us to keep our eyes blind of these changes, hence it will help us from any consequences that will happen if we do not engage with technology. If we are talking about the consequences, many had discussed the risk and its disadvantages from technology will replace jobs until cybersecurity. As if we engage with the issue and understand how far it had been goes, we could still be on the safe line.

The same way for Industries and Government, plus never stop to innovate and experiment on every possible plans.

And for over these five paragraph I felt the tense on how serious I am on explaining these matter. Let me back on my own language, yet for the record I am excited about what is happening here!

So my purpose here is to enlighten every single person here to realize what is currently happen and encourage you not to be skeptical whenever you go through it. I read a lot of article, the most common concern is that technology will replace human works, when what I personally believe is as what I have mentioned before, we need to keep ourselves engage on these issue, that technology will not replace the human works and it will produce more workforce instead, even though it might be on different way. Since nothing on advance technology need no technical human knowledge, even any of artificial intelligence need human knowledge for the resources, we still take the control of what is really needed on the first place, perhaps what is really change is not how it will replace us but how it change our way to work on something, it shifted our technical task into strategical, it is us who need to adapt on these fast changing revolution.

ps. anyway i really need your help to share the thought regarding what should i share on these matter, since there is a lot of things that i couldn’t write here! feel free to check my grammar, hahaha yes, and any suggestion on what should i explain more here through the comment below!

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