How To; What i’ve plan to wear on my vacation, and how simple it is!

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So, in these beginning of March i finally had a chance to go for a trip –after almost a year i never going anywhere. Yet this time, i feel much happier to share to you how i always plan my clothes whenever im on vacation. Here is the tips, my always go-to base is Black and White, and it never fails me. Don’t forget to curl every of your clothes up to minimize the space on your luggage like what i have share here!

First Thing First.

I never gave up on simple things, as how i wear these sleveless top and a short high-waisted black pants! I use the short pants in purpose, not only because im going to the beach but i also want to show off the shoe strings! lol JK. but these were my perfect match to move freely during the hot sunny day!




What i love the most during the Mid-Day

Psttt! it’s only between you and me, but these top actually is a dress. But since it really have a good back strap, that make it semi backless with a twist, so i wear it as my Top! and combine it with wide legged white pants so it can hide the rest of the dress inside!



Another Black-and-White Combination is here!

I’ve got a new pants, and it made me looks a little bit taller! yes. hahaha. This pants also help me to get my curve event though im a petite size combined with a simple strap top to help me go through the good-sunny-Bali’s-day.













What To Wear when i’m inflight?

Eventhough i said that you”ll see much of black and white, but not these one! I still love color and patterns sometimes! A good pair of maxi-dress –the simpler one ofc! and a jacket plus your all-time-favorite sneakers!



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