Samudraraksa; Sompe, Makkareso, Pasakaiyyang.

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I have survived in a various kind of life, i know people and i know the world too wide, and a lot. So here is something that you’ll rarely see us, concerning today’s personal media had changed its purpose.

It was the most memorable week i ever have. And again, i am fallin on a moment.. I plan my self to write this on schedule, but i couldn’t help my self not to write these straight once i have the time.

I lay my back, and seeing the light out there through the window.. If i could wish one thing, then help me to survive on a post event sickness.. These all extremely memorable, for me..

I still remember that i havent even packed all of my stuff throughout the 24 hours before. How grumbled i was to go for a whole week. How i only wish i could survive these full day schedule during a week. Yet here i am, at the end of the line, unbelievably gazing on the phase that only last a glance. I was surprised that this is all over, so damn fast…

I have a thoughtful decisions, to choose where i stand, where i will only sit down there and enjoy all of these, not to involved in a lot of things but to watch and feel the atmosphere, the euphoria, all of the energy, and doing all things that i love.

I join my sponsorship team, and they are the very first people i ever fall on these moment. Later on the contrary, i met my region teams two times before the day and realize that these people are my next luvmates once the event began..

How can i not to laugh on myself, that i miss to wake up before 5 and bumped my bed on the midnight? That i only could be able to check my phone apx for 2 hours in a day? That it almost take us 24 hours with less than four hrs sleep to be out of the room? Oh, i still need to do things with my hair, anw. Hehehe. And the most important part for the class call on the last ten minutes before every rundown?

My most memorable part were when i could be able to enjoy my self in the middle of a whole game session and the workshop, social projects, and the other game session. If only my everyday life can goes like this, probably i’d be the happiest kids on earth.

I can’t lie, five days is not enough to know every single person inside these batch, it also quite hard to engage in person to make it the most session memorable. So, whoever and wherever you are i really wish you the best on wherever you land and have a bless on everything in life!

Cheers, K 🙂

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