Bali Travel Guide; Where it all always begins.

I never go to a place more than twice, but bali, is my exception. Gak hanya karena jaraknya yang dekat, tapi Bali juga masih tetap menjadi destinasi nomor satu di Indonesia. Berbeda dengan trip-trip saya yang sebelumnya, trip saya di Bali kali ini lebih tersusun rapih dengan beberapa daerah yang menjadi destinasi saya kali ini.... Continue Reading →


Fourth Industrial Revolution; A Significant Digital Transformation Phase.

"The world has change, we can never ever go back to yesterday" - Jack Ma. For over than couple years I have heard how a lot of aspect had been shift, how we unrealized-ly experienced that something had change, we are no longer live in the world we used to, we are getting into a... Continue Reading →

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