February Moods; Four Different Things on My Personal Moods

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Playing with ages! This month i want to take you back to my phase when i really love to wear skirt. Yet gotta take you forward on the present on how to wear daily formal look with style.

Well, who is agree that we, actually could wear our office looks without looking basic. Whops! Because i ever felt that too! So here is some tricks to stay related with your office-ruled, stay professional yet stylish!

1. Taking you back to my younger self.

So here is, psssst! what i really love to wear few years earlier. Hanging Out on the weekend, eventho some of the time i still feel suit and comfortable with how i dress up like this.


What i wear;

– Black Feather Shirt

-Dark Brown Skirt

– Coach Sling Bag

-White Sneakers

It represents my actual age!

2.  Fast Forward into present time.

So what should i say when you look at this? Probably its an informally-formal, or messy-unmessy? How about both? The daily looks like with a twist where white skirt met an accent and the combination of color.

What i Wear;

-Twist white shirt with signature

– Long Pants

– White Flat Shoes

– Marc Jacob’s Leather pouch

3. Getting My self more mature and ready to Conquer The World.

Nothing is brighter than your future. Nothing is better to have a good day in style for an incredible moods!


What i Wear ;

– While sleveless Satin Shirt

– Pants

– Sleveless Blazer

– Nude Heels

– Lady Dior HandBag

4. How to have an effortless best looks? wear dress.

will never be bored to tell you how i prioritize my dresses on the weekend? A casual-Chic-and Effortless must have items that help you to spend less time to think what should i wear for today. :p

What i Wear ;

– Satin Headpiece

– Woven Patch Dress

– Marc Jacob’s Leather Pouch (Like always and never change lol)

– White Sneakers.

I always love an effortless stuff!!! lol :p anyway if you haven’t read my previos months How To on every effortless weekend looks, you can simply click this link.

Really hope you enjoy all of this ❤

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