Emphasizing life; What it means to slow down.

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I learn that slowing down doesn’t necessarily means that you’ll be left, that everyone who never slow down will always further than you. No, it is not.

So, today, i was sit in a room full of mirror with the gloves on both of my hands, and controlling my breath. and then i realized that, we were slowing down, to keep going.

I have implemented this, but i just found the sense when i was dying out of the breath. I did my regular exercise, yet i also understand the reason why we need to slow down.

I used to be the one who want to get done on everything immediately, whether its on tasks or works. I used to think that doing everything fast is an astonishing achievement, to be a few steps ahead than my peers is beyond impressive. On the other hand, i can still do this when i am slowing down. Here is why.

Slowing down is our way to reorganize and reevaluate every process we’ve going through. Whether to keep going on our usual way, or we need to change the method. Most of the time we were tired, or ups bored with our routine, and here is slowing down will help you to found another spark in your life.

It also help you to reflect what you actually want to do for your life, somehow a lot of people just do not realized that they are currently living for someone else’s life. This is the time to reflect and to determine what is important for you.

You will never be fall behind just because you are taking a slow down for a moment. This is one of many way to accomplished big things instead, hence it give you more chance to focus on what you have been missing.

Most of the time, the fast pace only last for short time. By slowing down it is more likely for you to think deeper on what your future life will be. How can you achieve it, what person you want to be, and how do you want to be remembered..

Slowing down also a moment to enjoy the process. To be more engaged with all the living things and your surroundings. It give you more enhancement in life.

Life would be much heavier if i couldn’t take a full control of it, and once i felt i had enough, i always sat down and getting my self on slowing down. If you have no idea how to do all of these, you can start from your daily habit for instance, eating your food slower, not when you are in a car, working or doing anything else. Start to do one thing at a time, dodge your self for being a multi-tasker. Think about what you are doing, listen to everything around you. Appreciate exactly where you are and desire to be nowhere else but there. After all, as what Gandhi said, “There is more to life than increasing its speed.”

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