Maximizing Me Time; Best Hot Chocolate To Sip for You.

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Personally, I think its hard to beat cozy moment and I know we deserve to treat ourselves better.Here is one of the comfort beverages that you can sip in all weather. A Hot Chocolate Recipes that you can create creatively, and since “the more the merrier” has never been truer, I want to share you my best chocolate recipes that you can easily make at home. Now get ready to scroll through and drink up your best hot chocolate you’ve ever had. So this is what you need.

  • Chocolate Powder
  • Full Cream Milk
  • Cinnamon Powder
  • Chocolate Wafer Stick
  • Marshmallow
  • Chocolate Sprinkles
  • Whipped Cream

What i really love on making these Hot Chocolate are… it was suprisingly easy to make! I’ll start from the beginning when i gathered all of the ingredients, the all sweets ingredients, nyam! yes!, i have prepared the chocolate powder for two from the box, these pretty chocolate sprinkles, my favorite cinnamon powder, the unavoidable fluffy marshmallow, and the crisp from chocolate wafer sticks. (All photos are in order from left to right)

Right after, since i want it to taste pure chocolate i start to put only half tea spoon of sugar and two spoon of chocolate powder into the mug and measure a glass of milk before i boiled it up. and yes, i pour a glass of milk for two hot chocolate.



As what i said, this is suprisingly easy. Once the milk is boiled, pour it into the mug. remember that i use a glass of milk for two hot chocolate, and simply stir it up.


The best part is here! Time to make your hot chocolate looks like chef made from michelin star! I honestly wait for a few minutes to drain the heat from the mug and once it a lil bit warmer, i pour the whipped cream! it was my best part, since it was my first time pouring my own whipped cream! Once it looks pretty, i started to add marshmello around the corner, spread my lovely cinnamon powder, and add the sprinkles! ah don’t forget to place the chocolate wafer stick on the end!

and only take you few minutes, you can sip your best Hot Chocolate in every season you want! and psssst, it’s instaworthy :p


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