Shaping International Economic Environment; My point of view on explaining what is World Economic Forum.

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I’ve been keeping an eye for them, probably in the last four years, and this is the time when I finally could be able to share my thoughts on what World Economic Forum is.

Back on more than a few year earlier, i aspired my self to be one of those people whose hand are in for shaping international economic environment, i suppose it must be since then i easily react to most of influential economic things, and World Economic Forum is my major concern. Later, i was planning to give you an academical writing to explain what WEForum is, yet once i put my fingers on the board, i feel much more comfortable to write this on my point of view, on my own language.

Probably whether i read a lot on Paulo Coelho’s Stories or i saw several public figure who became a global shaper in such a young age or i saw an enormous article which published by WEForum that caused me heard more than often regarding these agenda. However, i’ll try to give you an academical writing to explain this later.

Basically, World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industries agenda. These Forum is held annually in Davos, Switzerland in January -re: Winter Season. It wasn’t kind of conference, since they aim to have a long-term impact, they rather called it as a meeting, therefore they always have a lot of numbers of agenda on their annual meeting, and this year, 2018, they have more than 200 agendas to be discussed on the meeting both physical and digitally.

So, what did these leaders do in Davos? 

World Economic Forum is not here to solve global issue, instead it is here to accommodated all the global leaders who can in one table. Therefore these meeting accommodate them to discuss the progress they have create and continue to make sustainable and longer impact on issues that matter. These is what they did in the space of few days. By the way, we can also contribute to give them the ideas what issues are currently-and-urgently needed to be solved through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #SharedFuture -as the theme of this year’s annual meeting.

Then, what have these leaders did throughout the length of the Forum?

World Economic Forum, i’ll call it WEForum, was established in 1988, and as far as i could observed they have create numerous impact for all around the globe. By creating diverse project in various sector such as Digital Economy and Society, Economic Progress, Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Security, Health and Healthcare, Long Term Infrastructure, and a lot more than we could think it was all probable to be solved and shaped.

and for the current focus?

The most interesting part is that these forum is keeping an eye on the global world and do their best to maximizing its mind resources. As we live in a lot of digital and automations resources, these forum realized me that industries has shifted, as what happened from physical human power turned into manufacturial machine (i know, its my own word, but i know you’ll get it) on the ages before, known as Industrial Revolution. Yet, this digital world also has shifted our industrial and economic environment as we have experienced every kind of automation, and they call it ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. as important as the industrial revolution, i have mention before that Shared Future also become their major concern as one of this year agendas to create more access in these new complex world. Besides, they also still spared their huge concern on various global problems and Inclusive Development and Global Risk are one of them.

and last, what’s good about World Economic Forum?

This is all my personal view, where i really appreciate people who has power on their own expertise and gathered to contribute them selves to help people who is far on the other side. This forum is dedicated to create enormous solution that assist and protect everyone interest and lead it to beneficial solution for both the leaders and the society. Not everyone can come to Davos but people who has great intention to accelerate, shape and maintain not only their industries but also the people across the globe. This awareness from the global leaders that make WEForum is a plus for me to stay updated on every agenda on its annual forum.

With believe in the shaped future,

Regards, Afd.

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