I live in a circumstances that only allow me to wear particular kind of clothes, lets say it was skirt and pants, skirt and pants, skirt and pants and rounding along on the loops. But it doesnt make me wear the same of a kind every single day, because i still have weekend!

And, anyway, i have four major simple looks to pair on a weekend. Just FYI, i don’t really like to put a lot of effort on my peaceful weekend. So here it is, Four Easy ways to do basic on A Chill Weekend.


1. Casual Chic Looks

So here is some hack to look neat, and effortless. For some weekend occassion, i simply take ne dress for me. First thing first, i neither have to wear it with pants nor think how to style it. Im so sorry, but i really want to make my weekend easy. Yes.

What i wear :

– Basic or Neutral Color Dress

– Heels

– Marc Jacobs Leather Pouch

– Accesories : Fossil Watches

Just that simple.


2. Go To Go Weekend Looks

When i have to wear pants, I wear something thats easy. Hey, dont blame me! But who doesnt love to put less effort on this? Yet still looks ‘The It Girls’ so here is another simple hack to match.

What i Wear :

– Black Top

– Short Pants

– MidLength Outer

– Coach Sling Bag

– Sneakers

Makes you move better.

3. An Effortless Piece Combination

Im also very happy to share another easy-peasy weekend style. I take dress as my outer and choose the opposite color to combine. Dont need pants to mix :p

What i Wear :

– Black spaghetti strap Mid Dress

– Grey Long Sleeve

– Heels or Sneakers you got it

– Furla Shoulder Bag

4. Pro Weekend Looks.

Confidence is my magical word, and this is some kind of what i actually wear daily but ripped jeans. So i make my weekends to wear ripped jeans and still got my magical confide on the basic weekend.

What i Wear :

– White Sleeveless Top

– White Ripped Jeans

– Black Blazer

– Furla Shoulder Bag

– Heels

– Watches : Aigner

Anyway, On my 73 Vogue Question, i choose heels over flats. Here is why,

Heels make me looks taller. And heels make all of my looks seems stylish no matter what kind of clothes that i wear. So here is some hack, but psssst, if you want to look stylish simply choose heels that comfortable on your feet, so you can wear it daily! (Need a bit of practice tho, but, keep it up!)

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