Home Talks; Why I Desperately Missed My Home So Much.

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You will feel nothing more than home. So am i.

No matter how far, and long i have gone. I always gonna come back to this place no matter what. Even how tight the schedule is, i always spare my time to get my comfy and a peaceful mind by coming back at home. I have been extremely busy, for going back and forth on a plane back then, yet i still maintain to get home eventho less than 10hours! Yes that’s how i fight for my comfyness.
Here is the thing, that i told you why i got my comfyness at home. First thing first. I really love ambiance, and this sides is everything!
I believe that a great lighting will give powerful effect on a home, particularly these warm light will create an opening atmosphere, ease the tension and also the easises and perfect gateway to unwind and relax. The one of many reasons why i always missed my home!
Move to the most favorite spot i never forget in any days, is my Reading Spot!
 I can’t lie to you, that i read books, a lot. And luckily, i understand that it has two function now! First, my books to read. Second, Books as a better props for photoshoot! It just never been a mistake for me to invest in a lot of chic-and-mindful books.
This Spot, is side to side with the lighting spot, in purpose i can have a mindful reading session whenever i want. Zen is everything, y’all!
Move, in a contrast looks, yet still my favorite is my room! They say, your rooms is a reflection of yourself , and i couldn’t agree more. This is where I gather all of my memories, from the very first day I’ve been here –cs i was in different places before) .
All the memories, all the wishes, process and struggle is invisibly written through this room.
The stacks of my mindful books. I Have read since a loooong-looong time ago, and i used to read fiction. yes, like the most girls and teenager out there whose fantasy need to be fed. But! people change, and grew up for it exactly, and i don’t know why i changed my interest on non-fiction books. Particularly on Business, Start-Up and Self Improvement.
Here is also some of the memories i have form the very first time i move in.
Simplicity require us not to have a lot of stuff, and here i function these vanity desk for one to many. I usually work here. Getting ready at here. Study at here. and also read sometimes. All-in-One corner. It just, hard to found where you can feel all the comfyness other than home!


The last reason for always wanting to be at home immediately is, to have a reflection of myself –both physical and mindful reflection) every time i am here.





With love, K ❤

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