‘If the only prayer you ever say in the entire of your life is thank you, it will be enough’

Time really passed, and i couldnt believe its december already. It will be the greatest closing of my year. It is the best year ever. When i say, ‘My enormous 2017’s life’ yes, cs i know it is!

Long story short. I write it on the beggining of january, and with God’s Grace, i have an enormous year ever.

I barely can remember what should i write to close my enormous year. A lot of things happen to me. A. Lot. And most of it are pleasant!

God’s give me a lot of blessed. The people. The Gift. His Gift. To make everything i ever wanted finally come true.

The people i met, those precious new familia wherever i am.

I met those family, fellow happy-happy when things get rough and the lovely every one who always backed me up. The people who allow me to live my life. To introduce me, how to live a life. Hahaha. But the life in daylight, were tense. And we did all of our responsibility, until i said to my manager, that i was not planning to continue this journey. And thats how me, and some of people here, getting apart. But i will never forget this life, and those people. The exact reason, you can read my work life stories here.

I also learn, to choose some deliberate decision this year. To let me know myself better. On what i want, and how i want my future self to be. To take everything that will happen, whether i’ll regret it or it was a blessed instead.

I took three months off, after. Still, to pursue things i wanted the most. And back to meet new people, new familia, the blessed one.

It was a decision, and a huge reason why i let my self getting inside Fashion Industry. And also the reason why i left three months after. Through this new family, i found my self how people live their life, without the pressure i used to know. Yes. Hahaha. How it made me realize how much color i have been missing, or the life color i just acknowledge. It was all bright, but in some particular yes it still life, but it was all nice. And im grateful to have known everyone inside.

Beyond that, i also met new flash-stant family thru several event. Invitation from Resonation; with annual hosting dinner on our girls whose passion is being chef. Her cookie dough is thebest y’all! Meet some of entrepreneurs on CEO’s Dinner. –at least what im trying to be. Hehe. And acquaintance with most young people, who have power—yes in literal way) thru particular young political parties.

Being finally sick, in a vacation. The failed short escape, lol. Finally spend and own the stuff without thinking twice. Numerous friends who also getting married –nope, im not planning for the neartime. But, who knows. Hahaha. Building and strengthening my relationship with God. Getting involved in some of government organization projects. The Failed Hongkong. Lol – i still want to mention it. Not to mention keeping in touch with my support system. And catching up with a lot of old friends. And the real family, that i just realized, that i have. Enormous books that boost my life. For the irregular running, swimming and MuayThai Schedule. And also movies, series and youtube videos that i have finished during this year! Hahahahhahaha. I couldnt thank god enough for everything he gave me. For the glow that some people saw, because of much weight has been lifted. And for everyone i have met this year, no matter how far we were apart, we still have each other back. And still keep in touch for the sake of our teambonds!

And the last thing, to end my stories on what happened to me during this year.

I got my school. And my Scholarship. I’ll going to Melbourne. And still need to fight for the intake.

And lastly -again. Wish me luck and tons of prayer, so i could have my intake on the early of 2018. Or if its not, say my name on your every prayer, so i could spend my another Gap Year, to have the beginning of my professional life for 2018.

XIXI. With tons of love and hi from the dreams come tru!

AFD. ❤

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