How To; My Way To Go, for Small Silk Scarf.

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Uhmm, sorry but not sorry, when i look these collage, i feel like im still 20 🙂

While i still have little time, to wait, right before i go. I want to show you how to wear a small silk scarf in four different ways.

I love statements! And this is one of them.

Paris Chic Looks.

This is how -at least in what i read- parisian wear their small scarf. Its as simply, linger it around your neck, and brought it back to the front. And tied it, right in the corner.

Simple and Neat.

The simplest way, is just to lay it and tied it in the center of your neck. But dont tied it too tight! 😉


What? Yes, i wear it as a headband as well. You only need to double tied it when it finish, and yes right in the corner!

Necklace statement.

I have this cute, uhm what we call?, stuff to be paired with my small scarf. Simply place it right in the center, and yeeees wear it as a necklace.

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