A Harsh truth; In a Thought of Struggling and Survival.

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You may not believe this, but, I assure you that this is what you actually feel deep inside you.

Those days, when you see yourself couple years ago is not easy as you would say; ‘Oh, I remember those days were easy, night were bright and every seconds were nice’. Well, no, it’s actually not.

What if I tell you, that these days, when you feel everything is overwhelming, projects are messed, for every meeting that awaken your tense, for every deadline which met your anxiety and the moment you feel that you want to quit. Will be as easy as your mind thought “Oh, I remember those goods all days when all that I care is nothing”.

You just, actually, never felt it. For the record, everything is seems easy just because you have passed it.

Here is the logic, Couple years ago you did feel the tense and anxiety as you do right now, the matter is, you passed it. And you knew exactly that you have passed it, but your mind refuse to acknowledge that it was as hard as you currently feel these days.

I just want you to realize, that you have survived this far, and it just will be as easy as you will say that these days were nice. And those days were actually as hard as these days, but you passed it anyway. Here is to all the struggle, for the moment you want to quit, for every feeling that drown you. That you will passed it and eventually met those moment when you’ll say that these hard day, just easy.

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