Take a Life : How i Start and End my day.

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I’ve been a fan of Clinique. yash, i am. Since im no longer –read, dare– to tried any other products and i finally decide to invest more on Clinique. By this time i would give you what i did on my early day and how do i prepare to finish it.

I really love to get up as early as possible since my current life not allowed me to have more-free-time than before, so i need to wake up earlier to do things that will boost my day and grab a cup of flavored tea with books –obviously.

The things that i love to wake up earlier is you will get more time and feel more ready for your day. Such scrolling for some particular social network and pointing out what is your priority of the day that you need to finish. I wash my self right before i go out and get my self ready for these simple steps.


Getting my face treated well with Clinique – Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula.

I really love to use such a soft facial wash, its not even foamy yet it removes all the stress of polution and all the heavy make up. Indeed, i choose Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula by personalizing my skin type on what treatment that i need. It is worth to treat your skin as early as this step in the morning.


 Exfoliate the dead skin with Clinique – Clarifying Lotion 3

Right after, i dried my skin and poured some of Clinique – Clarifying Lotion 3 through a cotton and swiped it all over my face. The best thing is, it will exfoliate your skin by removing whole of the dead cells and help your skin to absorb lotion and moisturizer on the following. Great skin can be treated, so this is how i treat it. Oh! and these number 3 means how they customized my skin type, and yash this is for the oily.

Purpose-ively glowing my skin by tapping Clinique – Turn Around Revitalizing Lotion

I know that my skin is now can absorb anything better since it has been exfoliated well and i am purpose-ively want to escalate the glow on my skin, so here is i tap –mostly five drops of– Clinique – Turn Around Revitalizing Lotion. Simply poured it into your hand, and tap it right into your face. They have different type of Turn Around Revitalizing; one is Lotion and the other is Serum. The differences lies on its effect, while the serum will give you Glow from inside the skin; and serum will help you Glow by mix it with your Foundie.

Best on my best! Clinique – Turn Around Revitalizing Lotion help to plump my skin and make it glow only couple weeks after my first attempt.

Finally my all time favorite Moisturizer by Clinique – Even Better Gel Cream

ALL TIME FAVORITE MOISTURIZER. Yes, im using capslock to let you know how well i know the Even Better Gel Cream. I didnt need an extra treatment nor dermatologist since Clinique – Even Better Gel Cream had treated my skin way better than anything simply click the following Link. Read my Review Here.


Final Touch! With Clinique – Long Last Lipstick and Clinique – Lash Power Mascara.

Almost ready to go! Yet, since am not a fan of make up, i simply put my press powder using brush, make sure my brow is fine and put the Clinique – Long Last Lipstick to give my lips better shades –and as additional Glowing for my looks– plus the all Clinique customer’s favorite for their perfect wink, completing my looks by Clinique – Lash Power Mascara. And yash, i grab my bag, lunch and phone, and im ready to go!

And uh! I re-applied all these skin Care Routine when im ready to Bed. Final moment to be grateful and enjoy my day ❤


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