The roles of millennials in empowering southeast asia’s potential.

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[Please notes, that i wrote this on the matter of “Empowering Milennial” despite of any particular polical parties]


What will you do if you are one of them?

Since i am one of them who grew in millennials society, and dedicating my self as millennials by cirmcumstances, i still giving my self a time to attend this kind of conference, and as my priorities i always choose all the conference by it’s quality. Here is one of them;

The roles of millenials in empowering Southeast Asia’s potential divided into two session which discussed regarding government and professional point of view and also from millenial, influencer and user of digital platform perspective.


From government and proffesional perspective, i heard Sandiaga Uno, as one of representative from our government. Dr Yap Kwong Weng and Lim Kevin whose representing Singapore as part of the discussion. And former president of their organization, Dave Laksono.

The first session that discussing Economy, Social Political, Industrial Revolution, Ideology and all the matter in millenials are summed up into the question:

“How can government or any related parties atrract millenial to use their vote, knowledge and capabilities toward political environment?”

We, millenial, love to create an impact. It is shown from the fact that millenial will have at least ten jobs before they are turning 30, by this means they love to explore themselves and looking for who they really are until they found something that suits on their preferences and creating both tangible and intangible outcome.

Then how, to attract millenials to actively invloved in politics? These speakers agreed that they (and us, indeed) need to make politics seems interesting, by reseting our mindset that politics is not merely for some parties interest, its now much more about integrating all the people regardless their religion, races, gender etc. That politics is now as a platform to build an inovation where impact as the first purpose. Once again, politics are the way to integrating indonesian citizen for the big scales, politics is not for tearing us apart, contrary it is something that integrating us. We can help other, we can build our nation through an inovation. We do not need any block chain or pretester, all that we need is a solution. Because we, as a millenial, deep inside have these intention to be a problem solver.

Later, these three speakers also agree that it is harder than only to say it on the stage, but we know how to achieve it, that we need different method, we need particular understanding. Therefore, We as the government need to deliver what is politics trully means for millenials, how can it help them make an impact where as the relevant purpose, and make politics become talkable.

One sentence i quote from our vice-governor elect is “Smart people in the cities, move on. We tolerate what we need to accept, because we both know we are working for one and a better purpose. Those who are unquitely distract our government, are people who live outside of our region instead.”

Second session, discussion from the trully millenial who live in it and live through it. The user of social media.


If i allowed to show my thoughts, that yes, social is media such a two side of a coin and this is how we need to aware of. As a responsible millenial, we need to use it wisely, either what we choose to see and what we choose to share. The lack of control while surfing the the web lead us to untrusted and bias resources. That please, be wisely about it and use it only for a good purpose. Those who share their experience are the one who maximazing their social media for a good impact, either to engage with their fans, helping those who in need and spreading a good message for one nation.


I am proud, that we are the catalyst, we want to make impact, we always trying to provide solution for our circumstances. The same thing that happen on this event, created by millenial, to create a great impact.


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