Out of The Room: Stay in a place like Home X Airbnb Review.

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Read my Japan’s Trip Here.

Daaan akhirnya hutangku terbayar juga. I always promise all of these updates that i’ll write my review about my airbnb’s stay. So here it is, in this update i’ll tell you three of my stay that i haven’t be able to write before. From Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong!

The most important part -at least for me- to use airbnb is, we can choose the room that suits on our preference yet still affordable! Compared to HK, the rate in Japan is a lil bit cheaper and not to mention that in japan is much larger.

So here it is my first Totoro’s Apartment in Tokyo! 

it only tke 5-10 minutes to Shibuya, This place is indeed, worth the price.
The room is super tidy and cozy! it can accommodate to Six people. There is an Extrabed in the cupboard. They also have kitchen both for the stove and microve, just in case you wanna cook something. Jonathan and I agree (Yes i mention you here, just in case you read this, bcs i know you will :p) that Japan has the savviest toilet ever!
This place also located in a quiet surrounding, eventho you’ll still heard car’s horn, It needs about 8 minutes to walk between the apartment and station, BUT! you’ll gonna love to walk there, you’ll see a lot of Japanese neighborhood and its quite authentic.
The best part of had been booked my apartment in Japan is they show you the detail picture as the direction to lead you from station to their place. You’ll not gonna get lost. They also have portable Wi-Fi to keep you connect during your vacation.

My Second Apartment in Osaka.

Only few stops to the famous Osaka’s Spot : Dotonbori.
I couldn’t say anything, because it really feels like home. They provide you kitchen, machine washer, and everything that you need just as you were Home!
This apartment is really close to the exit station, eventho the station was too quiet.
I remember that i could even walk from Dotonbori to here, it only take 15 minutes.
it also located in a huge Road, therefore you won’t see much of your surroundings compared to my Tokyo’s bnb up there.

Hong-Kong – Sea view! 

My Airbnb Room
I think i should dedicated this post to Jonathan? since he used to based in HK and coincidentally taking his trip to Japan right after we knew each other. its really surprised me Jon, lol.
This apartment is located in the edge of the west bay of HK. The best part is you can see both of the Sea and Huge Road view right from your room. The funniest thing that happened that time is, i was welcomed by an Indonesian who become partner of my apartment’s owner.
It also located really close to the exit station, you’ll only need to walk about 2-4 minutes.
Compared to Japan, this place do not provide kitchen tools as complete as in Japan. The room size is much smaller, but worth the view and stay!

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