Out of The Room: Stay in a place like Home X Airbnb Review.

Read my Japan's Trip Here. Daaan akhirnya hutangku terbayar juga. I always promise all of these updates that i'll write my review about my airbnb's stay. So here it is, in this update i'll tell you three of my stay that i haven't be able to write before. From Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong! The... Continue Reading →


Must-Try Traveling Tips: Cash Back on Travel Fair.

Pergi-pergi jauh gak harus mahal kok. Really, it's a matter of priority.. kalau kamu emang memprioritaskan buat pergi, kamu tetep bakal pergi kok. Kalau alasannya "Duh tiketnya kan mahal", kalian harus coba yang namanya Travel Fair! So far, saya baru ikut travel fairnya Singapore Airlines dua kali. I got return flight ticket to Japan only... Continue Reading →

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