I enjoy my needs as an extrovert, yet, i only keeping my inner circle small. No, it doesn’t mean that i pulled my self from society, it just i choose wisely who i allow my self to be surrounded to. I choose wisely my priorities, and by setting this up i don’t know that many unexpected question will come from everyone that is not in my circle.

I guess, there’s few people who knows my whole stories. I believe, even my inner circle only knew my life in pieces.

I just met with this bunch of people who think about me the way how i shared my perspective. What i do share on social media and end up questioning how happy it is to be my self whose routine is going to one places and another.

I just never thought that some people will paying attention on what i am doing, and still judging me (in a good term) the way they think of me.

Yes, i admit it was one of my best moment in my life, and hey, who doesn’t want to share their happiest moment?

Posting a good quality of photos is my hobby. Yes, i measured it just because i’d love to do it. Writing my travelling stories is a peace, because it’s the only way i remember how it feels right back at the moment. Everything that i do, is because i love to do it, particularly on my spare time.

But, let just count how many times i’ve been travelling on to in a year? compared to un-travelling routine that i really did in reality? By this post, i just wanted you or them to know that i still doing these pain of my ashes (Yes, i make it sounds better than as*). And that’s all ok, to do something you’re not comfortable with, to do something that still challenged you, to do something that make you begging to have more than 24 hours in a day.

And again, through everything i let you see, i want to share my perspective of how i see the life and be grateful for it. Through everything i ever post that i only want to share how good it is to be grateful on everything you have seen.

Maybe, just maybe. If wee see the life on different point of view. If we just not focused on oversharing our life in whats so called social-media-that-was-not-social-enough. we would have our own happiest moment. and why don’t we define our own happiest moment?

Socializing in social media is a bias. I called my friends, My friends called me. We set up each appointment, and that’s how we catch up. Don’t expect me that i’ll knew your life through these platform, cause i’d better ask it straight to yourself, cause that’s how i maintain my circle.

sincerely, K ❤


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