I left my laptop in Bandung, and all of my photos and draft for webpost is all over there. so, yea. In case you wondering where have i been for the last three month, i’m currently having a work-life-(un)balance. Kidding.

It was a great three (and soon to be four) months. I learn a lot of things here, both for professional and beyond. I met another of my comfort zone here, and it hurts to realized that i make a clear decision to leave it all.

Another information to have in mind. Never go seeking for a job if you really want to pursue your master degree (directly).

I got an offer from Birmingham and Cardiff University, and since i have another goals, i delayed my Master Intake, and gonna continue hustling for my School-Goals.

It’s good to understand yourself, to know what you really want in your life. I made a little mistake, though i got more than i expected. I as a Hustler, who have a big fear of doing nothing, trying to find a job. And it both a good and bad decision.

I fulfill my curiosity, of what it feels to have a professional life. To be surrounded with people who has power on their own field. To learn and interact with those who had been settle in their job for almost decade (and more).

I also got a lot of new experience. The things that i pursue the most for the entire of my life. I found tankers, yes i won’t forget it. Did mandatory flight on my first day, and go back and forth on what they called business trip, as well as all the moment on the airport, these feeling was irreplaceable.

This is, my comfort zone, despite all the project that have to be done immediately which always be my yucks~, and all my undescribeable-luvly-fellow-team-member with all the free fancy-lunch-and-dinner choices, and one particular night with a bottle of red wine.

This is why i advice you, not to take any job before you got your School-Goals. It’s hurt to leave these comfort zone :”) and me, soon gonna leave all of these comfort and privilege.


Afdolina ❤

(anw, See you on my May’s Trip!)

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