A life in a year; Love notes from K <3

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Is it any year could be better than this year? The answer is definitely yes, but most of all I AM SATISFIED for everything that happen in 2016.

I was looking for an Internship just because i didn’t want to waste my semester break. Mirum is amazing. Mirum is (Mi)rip-(Ru)mah. Well nae, kidding. Mirum is a global digital agency with 45 branches in other countries. Subsidiaries of Wire Plastic Products (WPP Pc) which is the biggest advertising company in the world. which is, great is great, i spent a good time with a lot of amazing professional and people who also pursuing her profession. I learn a lot, i analyze a lot, i had my fun a lot.

I also finally got back to my mom home-town, where is my uhm not-so-uncle whose age is nearly the same with me who settled him self with a great commitment – well, his life has been in abundance tho. A young professional man, with his professional skill, whose amaze me and not to mention tempted me to have my own family in such a young age 🙂 nae, this one also kidding..

One-exact-day where i got back, i got an invitation to attend Conference that mostly to support start-up particularly in Indonesia. And less than 24 hours i need to travel back. Meeting John Riady and Merry Riana in person, is one of unexpected things that happen! Muchas Gracias for Daily Social and e27 ❤

My first-defense-presentation and flew to bali, Right on the next day. Yay is yay, God is Good. Read my Bali’s Vacation here. I almost got my presentation cancelled by one of my lecturer, but nae is nae, i’m not gonna delaying my presentation.

A week later, i also had a chance to join Community Development program, held by one of private Bank in Indonesia, In Puncak! I meet a lot of great leader and also member from various organization and also meeting and have a great-mindful discussion regarding Indonesia, Millennial and young leader of Indonesia, as well as the real contribution of what we can do as a young generation for Indonesia. I really love to heard one of VP from the biggest provider company in Indonesia deliver her ideas in order to shape all of the participants. Not to mention to the owner of Social-Platform-Who-Only-Spread-The-Positivity-Regarding-Indonesia. All of these conversation was inspiring.

Times goes by, and i finally make a decision to delaying my Graduation for a couple months. I still do my best, i brought my Thesis while i’m doing Umra- In order, just in order to keep my self graduated on August. But i passed the dateline, and make these hard decision not to graduate with all of my College-Fellas. I’m finally trying to forget and focus on what i’m currently doing. I’m getting on track for pilgrimage purpose.

THE BEST PART IS HERE. I’M FINALLY GRADUATED. August is the best month. I finally started something, and also ended my undergraduate-life. My life, My turning point of life is start here! I also finally allow my self to start something that I’ve never imagine before. I start something that need a huge responsibility and never ending challenge. That took all of care with heart and proceed with love.

I Travel a lot. PLG-DPS-MDN-NRT. I will never forget how much and impulsively i flew this year. This is the end of my trip, where i also promising my self that this is my last, at least for this year. Japan is a breathtaking experience. Japan is completely perfect. Japan is a missing part. I want to go back to Japan, For Sure. Well, I’ll continue my Japan Story, I Promise once I got a great bumps on my List-of-Life.

I never imagine my self, and i just didn’t realize how many new people I’ve met this year, how many ideas we’ve been shared, How many places I’ve been setting my feet off, How many experience I’ve got, not to mention those learning experience from disappointment that also happened in 2016. But I’m mostly grateful, I’ve been living in Abundance on every aspect i want on my life. I got everything that i currently need and i want. Wishing 2017 will be an enormous life to live. Wishing 2017 will be my time to live the life I’ve been dream for. I also wishing you who ever are you who read my-what-happened-in-a-year’s life a joy to start your 2017.

With Pride and Love, K ❤


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  1. life in the world while after death Ruh we live in nature akherat heaven or hell according charity our worship, Allah has bless Islam to equipment of worship to goodness akherat, so the world a complete confidence or faith in God


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