I still remember how several companies or program keep asking their applicants about “what is turning point in your life” and up until now, i couldn’t be able to answer for this question for every single application form.

Let’s say, i still don’t believe on term of ‘Turning Point’ cause what i believe is a constant pace of courage and perseverance. To be able being on those feeling of being ups and down. to be able learn for everything, whether we’re ups or when we’re down.

I don’t tell my self  a lot to people, but when i do, it means i really trust them.

One of them says that i am ambitious. advice me to stay being like this when i’m trying to give up. yes, even in giving up i have to try.

and others says, its my gen of being ambitious. and yes it’s good.

so far, i haven’t found a bad things by being ambitious.

i’m glad by being the way i did, i’ve been try everything i want. and pushed me to take a greater things.

sometimes, it exhausting, sometimes..

But sometimes there are something are worth to paid. Experience is priceless. Good networking is priceless.

i don’t pursue those work-life-balance as what i always suggest what my life is. i am, pursuing everything i want and self improvement.

and this is why i want to sent my gratify for everything. i will never stop pursuing the things i want. I will never stop improving my self, to be a better version of me, to have a dream to give an impact for my society (if i could, one day, maybe).

This is me or my friends who talked about this(kind of forget), but even i think i’m giving up, i actually will not, cause i just will never stop.

and once again, i’m glad being the way i am right know. by being ambitious, i’ve been through on a lot of life experience and amazing circle of networking.

then, who’s said that being ambitious is not a good thing?


Ps. im the one with chestnut hair.


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