Vitamin E Moisture Serum and Philosophy : Purity – Made Simple (Sell + Give Away!)

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Nothing are worthier than investing on your future skin. But, we’re never take it as an easy things to choose. Choosing the best skincare for your skin is kinda lil bit hard yet gave you full satisfaction. And this time, I will be really honest for the products I recently used.

Back in the days, after coming home from a village-live-in for a month I got serious problem toward my face. There were a lot of breakouts and acne particularly on my forehead. It was my fault not having a good care for my skin for a month, I was using drugstore skincare which turn out to be a big and serious problem. So, im figuring it out what’s the best and fastest way to heal my skin back.

I go to beauty center, yes for the sake matter of breakouts. I lost my acne in a glance, but it didn’t solve all the problem I had back then. Since my skin type is oily, once I got back from beauty center my skin turn out to be very dry and looks like peeling (where now I found out it was the effect) even though I’ve been back to use my daily moisturizer it doesn’t help that much. So, since I really believe in all The Body Shop Product, I go to The Body Shop store and asking for product that could help my skin to heal. They suggest me to take the Vitamin E Moisture Serum to moisturize my skin so it won’t looks like peeling and


Its neither gave a side effect nor any help toward my skin. But mostly we all have different type of skin and its own problem. But mine doesn’t work with The Body Shop Products anymore.

But for the longest I use several vitamin E products from Body Shop, I’m gonna say that The Vitamin E Moisture Serum’s smell is same with its facial wash. It smell like a baby soap, and I like it. From its pump packaging that make you easier to use the serum. I had two until three pumps of Vitamin E Serum from The Body Shop and rub it all over your skin face before you apply your moisturizer or sunscreen. Well, the effect is depend on your skin. But doesn’t really work on mine.


So, I’m looking for another way to heal my skin. Then I decide to purchase one of Beauty-Products-Of-The-Year that most people said its an amazing beauty products they ever had. One of various Philosophy Products : Purity – made simple. At the first time, I didn’t found that Purity gave those amazing expectation on my skin. It just same like any other facial wash. BUT, it was because I’m not using make up that much. I just found out that Purity – Made Simple are working best to remove your make up in a glance. Pour some amount Purity to your hand and rub it all over your face, including your eyes if you use any make up on eyes area, rub it for a little longer. And voila! You just remove the make up on your face in a lazy way. But really, I have a high expectation on my first try for Philosophy Products, well it turn out when I try it as make up remover.

Then again, I got my skin back by a long and hard journey. Well, kidding. Im gonna tell you how I heal my skin on the next posts!

Since I don’t use make up that much,

I want to give my The Body Shop – Vitamin E Serum away


sell my Philosophy products : Purity – Made Simple for Rp 250.000,- where I used to bought was SGD 55 at Sephora

Products condition : Preloved, 80% from 480 ml. i sell it because im no longer need it since im not using make up that much.


maybe you’ll have a chance to got it for free.

Drop a text on comment bellow or ask me on my!

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