Benefit : Big Easy BB Cream Review

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Finally, i have my spare time and a courage to write down my review here. This time, I’m gonna tell you about Benefit Big Easy BB Cream. I’ve been using Benefit BB Cream since couple months ago, it’s a little bit strange because i’m only use moisturizer on my daily routine and using BB Cream as my make up based. Yes, this time i want to give it a try. To be honest, i didn’t feel that comfortable on my first try because in the end of the day it leaves tiny pimple on my face skin so i decided to go back only using moisturizer before my compact powder.


FYI, i’m not really often to use make up to the class i attend. i only put my make up on when i’m going somewhere else, and what i think is BB Cream would be too much for your skin if you take it daily. But, i’m taking the second and more times to try this Benefit BB Cream.. and the result will give you a fall in love because i saw significant change when i put on my Benefit BB Cream – Big Easy. It just make your face looks flawless because it’s cover your pores and dark spot, make it looks like you put on your powder in a whole day and less oily.

and what i love on Benefit Big Easy BB Cream are the smooth cream when you applied it on your face and the lightweight you feel on your face.. this products contain SPF 35 and multi balancing complexion perfector that will save your skin in a whole day. Give it a chance, it’s worth to try!

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