Body and Bath Essential by The Body Shop – Plus Review

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So, How is your day you want to be? I have some tips (and a little bit review) for starting your lovely day through your body care.


i just love all The Body Shop Product because the natural scents whenever i use it during my bath time. So, this is what i did when i want to spend my early day to boost my mood. You may want to try it your self 😉

1. Brush your body with The Body Shop body brush,

2. Apply the body scrub cream all over your body

3. Rinse the scrub with water and pour the shower gel into your shower puff to make sure you have rinse it off at all.

Then, how is the product work on my body? Here is my review.

IMG_78571. The Body Shop Body Brush

The Body Shop Body Brush will help your body to ease your blood circulation, thats why you need to use it when your body is still dry. Even i don’t really know that it is really happen on my body, but i love to use it because i’m feeling more fresh for my bath time.  Most of article said that this is kind of dry brushing techniques, which will help you to ease your blood circulation, remove your dead skin, and it’s help cellulite problem. So, i think its healthy for our skin.

Profiel2. Honeymania Cream Body Scrub by The Body Shop

I love the sweet honey scents whenever i open the cup . When you put the cream and scrubbing it on your body, you’ll found out that the scrubs going melt, and i love it. When the cream has turning melt it will easier for you to remove your dead skin because your skin is slippy and it easy to scrub oll over your body. I will never bored nor tired inside the bathroom because the honey scent is really sweet make ma want to consume the cream (no, of course not.)

IMG_78583. Blueberry Shower Gel by The Body Shop

Pour it into your shower puff and you will get rich bubble on your bath time. again and again, i love The Body Shop product because it scents really make your mood. The fresh blueberry scents will never fail you on your bath time. The packaging is so blue and looks like an aqua. It’s really simple to use, like the other shower gel 🙂

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