GlamGlow : Thristy Mud Treatment Review

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So, since i’m gonna change my wordpress’s post genre become a lil bit different. Now, i’m gonna tell you my review about GlamGlow Thristy Mud Hydrating Treatment Mask. Seems so girly 😉

But this post not beacause my self is that girlish-girl. i post this just want to inform you about the skin care routine you might want to choose and suit best for your skin.

IMG_7756 So, The first time i interest on this product is when i saw some post about this mask. without knowing the benefit for my skin. So i search GlamGlow product and searching for the suggested treatment that suits with my skin. Then i choose this treatment. *you might want to see their advertisement clip of this product, quite creative! check this out* if you ask me the price, since i’m a college students, it’s not quite friendly for our pocket, but i love the packaging it seems shiny and gorgeous though.

This Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment is formulated to hydrates, moisturizes, restores, replenishes and calms the skin. Most of reviewer in their web page said that they have a significant changes after they applied this product on their skin. Don’t expect that i will say that this product will make you prettier in a glance, because this product will only take care of your skin, not your look. Well, not like any reviewer on GlamGlow web page that really satisfied on their first try because of their significant changes. I love Glamglow because the feels that its give to my skin whenever i applied or rinse it off, this GlamGlow Thristy Mud Treatment will give you a warm sensation if you applied it on your face and cold sensation when i rinse it off from my skin. and yes, i really love GlamGlow because the warm and cold sensation its product give to me.

GlamGlow Thristy Mud Treatment Mask is not like anyother mask that you will found dry up , i guess because the purpose of this treatment is hydrating so this treatment will not dry up in your skin but it will leave your skin wet as you start apply it on. i mostly apply Glamglow Thristy Mud Treatment for more that 30 minutes until 2 hour (i’m apply it every two days while i watch a movie in my room, so when the movie finish i’m going to rinse it off), since the mask is still wet i’m usually wipe it off first using a tissue so it could be easier when i rinse it with some water.

Do my skin feels hydrated? Yes. Do my skin feels calmer? Yes. Well,  you have to apply it regularly if you want to feel what the reviewer on their webpage said.

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