All Brand New. No, kidding. This post is about Review.

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So, what i used to post on my wordpress page is all about my life and the things that bothering my mind. But, this time i’m gonna post something different (and since i’m starting to realize that a blog post is much more worthy than any social media nowadays).

Well, I’ve posted it on my G+ account and i want to rewrite it in my wordpress page.

I want to share you about my stay experience in Artotel Jakarta, not in a long stay but much worth because the different things Artotel has.

Artotel - 2

Comfortable hotel in affordable price. who doesn’t want it?

The unique art inside Artotel Jakarta become such a magnet for the guest. In the right side of the lobby you can found colorful and artsy restaurant ‘Roca’ which has their own smoke room in a unique design.Artotel - 3

In the center and left side of the lobby you will see some of waiting seat while you waiting your checking in and out process. Not only the chair, but when you see the wall you will see four(or more) sculpture of pole dancers that accompanied you during your checking in and out time.

Artotel - 5

So, how a bout the room?

Heading to lift and click the number of the lift wall.IMG_3023i

i’m choosing the small room for two person. The room is just same as the ‘Artotel’ branding with their unique art in every side of the hotel. Comfy small room, window with jakarta’s scenery, and a lot of quotes that you’ll found in several things inside the room. i found a lot of quotes in the cover of my key room, sanitary things in the toilet, the wall, and things on the table.


i didn’t take the photos of sanitary quotes in the toilet, it’s quite unique.. so, here i show you the rest of photos in the room table and the wall.

IMG_6973 IMG_6969 IMG_6970

and this wall accompanied my sleep during the night (the drawing on main wall is quite creepy.. but it’s an art tho.)

Artotel - 6 14 - 1

how is the wall do you think? 😉 by the way, you will see different drawing in different room size. I’ve ever saw the bigger room that has a beautiful art on it’s wall, but unfortunately it wasn’t my room. So, when you wake up the hotel service will served you the breakfast on Roca restaurant right next to the lobby, yes the side that has colorful drawing on it’s wall. They have various menu, and quite delicious for an affordable price hotel. But since i have miopy on my eyes, and didn’t wear the glasses. i couldn’t try every single meal on their breakfast menu :pArtotel - 7

Have you ever going to Artotel? or even have a plan to stay several night over there and want to ask me something? Then just write a comment on this post. Can’t wait to write more, see you 😀

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