Clinique : Even Better – Brightening Moisture Gel Cream

Ohalo! a week off from blogging, now i'm come back with another review for your skin care routine. Have a new moisturizer for my face and this is what happened after two weeks. If anyone have try this moisturizer, you can add the review on my comment how this moisturizer work on your skin. So,... Continue Reading →


Body and Bath Essential by The Body Shop – Plus Review

So, How is your day you want to be? I have some tips (and a little bit review) for starting your lovely day through your body care. i just love all The Body Shop Product because the natural scents whenever i use it during my bath time. So, this is what i did when i... Continue Reading →

Mane n Tail Shampoo Review

Have you imagine yourself to use a horses's shampoo? How about Mane 'n Tail? A lot of my friends used to talking about Mane 'n Tail shampoo, they said your hair will grow faster than using your normal shampoo. So, i challenged my self and see what is really happen if i use Mane 'n Tail... Continue Reading →

GlamGlow : Thristy Mud Treatment Review

So, since i'm gonna change my wordpress's post genre become a lil bit different. Now, i'm gonna tell you my review about GlamGlow Thristy Mud Hydrating Treatment Mask. Seems so girly 😉 But this post not beacause my self is that girlish-girl. i post this just want to inform you about the skin care routine you... Continue Reading →

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